0155. The Court Drama


1) Now, let us talk about The Court Drama

Until the politicians, officials, etc., are punished, they will not fear from becoming corrupt and will not stop doing corruption and corruption will not reduce.

Without the corrupt getting punished, the court cases are only a drama which are misleading the genuine activists.

       Since more than 15 years of court activism of Subramaniam Swamy, not even one politician or big official has been punished.

He filed cases against Jaylalitha in 1996 and moment Jaylalitha withdrew support given to Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government, Subramaniam let the cases weaken and go into cold storage.

Subramaniam Swamy says to media that he will reduce corruption by exposing the corrupt in court and he alleged that Chidambaram and other politicians have this much money in such and such foreign secret bank account of such and such number even but he has refused to register even one case of corruption in Court. Why? Because he knows that this information is not sufficient to prove that bribes have been taken as this is not cross-verifiable. Because to prove this in court, the foreign bank director will himself have to come to a court of India and testify. And this is not possible since, it is against the foreign bank policy to disclose information of secret accounts. Since last 15 years of his activism in courts, there has not been even one conviction.  And without conviction, corruption will not reduce. So, Subramaniam Swamy has until now, done nothing to reduce corruption.

In 1977, Janta Party had demanded Right to recall in its manifesto and Subramaniam and many other netas like Laloo Yadav, Nitish Kumar, Sharad Yadav etc had won on that issue and became MP, but after becoming MP put that issue into garbage.

Please see
this link- "6 ASIA" or search for word "recall" --


 The point-8 of political reforms says  ---  (8) introduce electoral reforms after a careful consideration of suggestions made by various committees, includ...ing the Tarkunde Comm ittee and, in particular, consider proposals for recall of errant legislators and for reducing election costs as well as the voting age from 21 to 18

  And Subramaniam has refused to put that historical manifesto in public, on internet etc. despite repeated requests.

On top of that, he is opposing Right to recall procedures for the common citizens like RTR-lokpal, RTR-PM etc. by saying that it is not practical but he does not mentions even which procedure and which clauses he is referring to and lying that RTR procedures will cause instability .But at the same time he does not oppose Right to recall procedures for the elite like RTR-house servant and RTR-company manager. Our proposed recall methods are appearance based and positive recall which are perfectly possible and practical and increase stability, not decrease stability . Please see these proposed procedures in www.righttorecall.info/301.pdf  , chapter 6,40

2. Most of the scams Subramaniam Swamy claims to disclose are already known to public

For example, consider 2G scam. Raja had in front of media given only few hours to submit letter of intent and cheques worth crores as deposits as `First Come First Serve` conditions for obtaining 2G licenses.

Read more at: http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/how-raja-misused-pms-letter-while-allocating-2g-licences-136810&cp  

Those allegedly tipped off by Mr. Raja were waiting with their cheques and other documents.

Until now, only few officials have been jailed for investigation, but in jail they get five star hotel facilities and they come out on bail after some time. Therefore, this court-drama way will never stop corruption.

The common citizens of this country who care for the country raise issues which are against the country like EVM tampering, 2G scam, Right to recall procedures.

But publicity hungry people like Anna and Subramaniam hijack and steal these issues with the help of paid media and MNC sponsored courts.

I will give some examples of the real persons who raised these issues which were stolen by Subramaniam , Anna and other fame-corrupt people-EVM Exposure- by Hariprasad  in 2009,

2G scam exposure by Arun Agrawal , NGO Telecom Watch Dog and many others, Exposure of Sonia Gandhi- by P.A. Sangma in 1999, Rama Gopalan Exposed Sethusamudram and filed a case.

Please see these links-

First exposed 2G-

Arun Agrawal, NGO Telecom Watch Dog and many others-


First exposed EVM-


First exposed and revolted against Sonia Gandhi-


First Exposed Sethusamudram-

Rama Gopalan-


3. Now let us talk about the PIL Fixing-How cases are hijacked and destroyed

The MNC lobbies ensure that PILs of only those persons are allowed by the judges whom they want to be promoted by their sponsored paid media. The lobbies manage the judges via keeping their relatives on their panel and paying them crores every year or doing them other favours. The PILs are admitted not according to the matter but according to the person filing the PIL.

For example, in 2003 Rajiv Dixit filed a PIL for stopping Mauritius route and stopping tax evasion via that route but the Supreme Court dismissed his petition and this unconstitutional judgement allowed the tax evasion via Mauritius route to continue.


Once Subramaniam files a court PIL, the MNC sponsored judges do not allow others to file similar PIL and Subramaniam weakens the case and judges keep the cases pending for years, that is Subramaniam hijacks and destroys the cases.

Subramanian Swami could hijack the 2G case because Supreme Court judges allowed him to hijack the case. Why did SCjs allowed him? Because what if first person, Arunji had demanded narco test of A Raja in public? If the SCjs had allowed narco-test of A Raja in public, then name of Sonia Gandhi, MMS and 10s of bribe takers would have come out. And if SCjs had opposed narco-test of A Raja in public, then SCjs would have gotten exposed.

So the MNC-lobbies, which wanted to protect to MMS managed SCjs to move the case from Arunji to Subramanian Swamy.

4) Let us see the Love and Hate relationship of Swamy and RSS

Swami was few years back very much against BJP, RSS and VHP. He even wanted VHP banned under National Security Act for construction of Ayodhya Ram temple. He called RSS an anti-national organization in a article written by himself in a leading magazine. But now the top leaders of RSS and VHP are buddies with SS.

Links - 

Swamy wants VHP banned (Jan 23,2001)-


( By Our Special Correspondent 

CHENNAI, JAN. 22. The Janata Party president, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, today urged the President to send a message to the Union Cabinet with a direction that the government ban the VHP and arrest its office-bearers under the National Security Act.

 The VHP's call that the Government should take all steps to clear the hurdles in its way by March 2002 for the construction of the Ram temple at Ayodhya was tantamount to a terrorist act and constituted a ``gross attempt to take law into its own hands and to demean and discredit the Constitution,'' he said in a statement. )

Swamy criticises Kanchi Acharya's mediation (March 7,2002)


Invoke POTA against VHP leaders: Swamy (March 8, 2002)



Subramaniam Swamy said "The RSS is an anti-national organisation. The quicker it is disintegrated, the better for India. Today the RSS and BJP are thoroughly marginalised, I do not rate them very highly." This, too, in the same period."


Subramnaiam Swami said "If by swadeshi you mean that we will use only what we produce in India, it is a totally outdated concept. As outdated as Marxism is."

http://www.rediff.com/news/1998/mar/21swamy.htm )

5. Anti Swadeshi statements of SS-

In 1999, he demanded import duties to be reduced so that MNCs etc can easily kill local industries.

"The tariffs should not be more than 30 per cent and that is precisely the WTO requirement that we are trying to fight," he continues.


So pls make up your mind whether you support Dixitjee or S Swamy. Becuase on ALL issues, they are against each other.

He is speaking against Sonia so that he can get place in your heart so that he can misguide you, and thats why US media is sponsoring. Pls wake up, and realize the fact that this guy is just an MNC\Missionary agent.

6. Now let us talk about Subramaniam Swamy and Sonia Gandhi / Rahul Gandhi

6.1 Subramaniam called Sonia Gandhi as Lakshmi, in order to promote her as PM-

(http://www.rediff.com/news/1999/apr/17swamy.htm  )

Subramaniam hosted a famous tea party at a Delhi hotel, invited both Sonia and Jayalalithaa. That led to the AIADMK withdrawing support to Vajpayee’s government, which was voted out in April 1999.

Links -





If Subramaniam was trying to replace Atal Bihari Vajpayee by someone less bad like LK Advani or Narendra Modi or Nitish , I can understand. But what sort of person will try to replace Vajpayee with maha-corrupt vatican\MNC-agent Sonia Gandhi?


6.2 False affidavit Case of Sonia Gandhi

Sonia had given affidavit citing false degree to Election Commission , against whom Subramaniam Swamy files case in some High Court in 2004 and that enabled judges to stop others from filing similar case  because judges usually do not take petitions which are of similar nature or group them together. Swamy had clarified in the petition that his complaint against Sonia was for imposing a penalty on her but not for setting aside her election.


Sonia Gandhi cited it as a "mistake" and apologized, and judge ordered closure of case without giving any punishment. Punishment for filing false affidavit can be six months in prison and debarring person from contesting for 6 years. Subramaniam Swami refused to demand Sonia to be imprisoned nor demanded impeachment of that judge.

Subramaniam says that Supreme Court chief judge Kapadia is very honest judge although we think that judges are worse than police constables. Then why does not Subramaniam approach Kapadia and ask him to re-open Sonia Gandhi's false affidavit case and throw a six months prison sentence on Sonia Gandhi? And Supreme Court judges have powers to reopen any case of the past without any limitation.

You should judge a person not by statements but by his actions. All actions of Subramaniam Swamy benefit Congress.

The 2G case benefitted Congress by giving them seat of Telecom Minister and snatching it away from DMK.

Subramaniam Swamy said that Judge Balakrishan was dishonest. But now he said  Kapadia is honest although we have no faith in this Court Drama in which PIL filing is fixed.
I consider PILs as U-S-E-L-E-S-S because I believe that judges are more corrupt than Ministers. So I believe ONLY in mass movements like mass movements for Right to Recall PM, RTR-judges, RTR-MPs etc.

  So , if Subramaniam files case against her in front of Kapadia, if kapadia is really honest, he should imprison Sonia immediately. There will be no need for investigation since guilt is already proved.

So please ask worshippers of Subramaniam Swamy and other leaders to ask Subramaniam Swamy and other leaders in public why he is opposing the proposal that Subramaniam should ask Justice Kapadia to throw Sonia Gandhi in prison for six months for giving openly false information on affidavit. Or can you send SMS to Kapadia and file PIL over SMS or call him or fax him an application?

It will benefit country as follows-

1. If fans of Subramaniam swamy and other leaders refuse to ask, it will become clear that fans of Subramaniam and other leaders care more for image of their leaders rather than nation.

2. If fans of Subramaniam and other leaders agree and ask Subramaniam and other leaders to file complaint before Kapadia to imprison Sonia Gandhi, then either Subramaniam and other leaders will agree or not. If Subramaniam or favorite leaders refuse, at least their fans will know that their favorite leaders` goal is not to harm Sonia Gandhi but to save Sonia Gandhi.

3. If Subramaniam or your favorite leader asks Kapadia to imprison Sonia Gandhi, and Kapadia lets Sonia Gandhi walk away without imprisoning her , in that case we will know how honest Kapadia is.

4. And if Kapadia imprisons Sonia Gandhi for making false statement on affidavit, then all glory to Subramaniam or favorite leader and Kapadia --- the country will benefit.


So please do a favor to mother India. Please ask all fans of Subramaniam Swamy and other favorite leaders in 15 days to ask them to file complaint against Sonia Gandhi before Kapadia and demand a judgment of imprisonment of Sonia Gandhi in 30 days and make public the responses.

6.3 How common-citizens stopped Sonia from becoming PM of India in 2004 -

Subramaniam claims that Kalam spoke to Sonia and persuaded her not to become PM but Kalam has been saying since 2004 that he never spoke to Sonia about citizenship issue. He has said this in 2 press statements , several interviews.The press statements were published in leading newspapers at that time like Hindu, Times of India. His secretary Nair after his retirement wrote a book called “The Kalam Effect: My years with the President” further confirmed this.


Press Records of Rashtrapati Bhavan prove that the then president APJ Abdul Kalam never raised the issue of Citizenship with Sonia. 


19-05-2004 : Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi 


It has been reported in a section of the press that the President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had discussed the citizenship issue with Smt. Sonia Gandhi when she met him yesterday at Rashtrapati Bhavan. This is contrary to facts. It did not figure in the discussions at all."Press releases dating back to 2004 are unavailable on presidentofIndia's website. They were removed after 2007 Presidential elections.But one can always get a hard copy from President's Secretariat).Press information Bureau's link : http://pib.nic.in/newsite/erelease.aspx?relid=1730  is as credible as original source. 


But the SS andh-bhakts say all-Kalam, secretaries of Kalam, RTI, CPI, Press Bureau of India, Hindu newspaper all are lying and only SS is saying the truth.

Would request all SS andh-bhakts to please ask expert, SS to give proofs in this regard because without proof we cannot determine who is lying and who is not.

If someone can prove that all these people- Hindu newspaper, Kalam and Kalam`s secretary are lying and only SS is saying the truth, I will accept that.

President Kalam had also said that whether Sonia is a valid citizen of India or not, that is for the courts to decide, President has no consititutional rights to make decision in this regard. Even if Kalam had tried to stop Sonia from becoming PM, she could have gone to court and corrupt supreme court judges would have ruled in favor of Sonia. And Subramaniyam has not given any evidence that Kalam had raised the issue of citizenship with Sonia Gandhi.

And as we all know that Sonia had met with Kalam at approximately 5 in the evening but Kalam had asked her to prove support of the MPs as Congress was the largest party. Sonia had said that she will give the letters of support next day, but Sonia did not come next day and the day after she declared Manmohan Singh as PM and she did drama of giving sacrifice for PM post. 

SS is lying about Sonia`s Indian citizenship validity. If she is not valid citizen of the country, why did SS not go and cancel MP status of Sonia (as non-citizens of India cannot be MP) ?

Already in 2001 case was filed against Sonia challenging her citizenship and MP status and SC held that `The pleadings in the particular case of Hari Shankar Jain Versus Sonia Gandhi were ‘bald, vague and baseless’`  and that Sonia was a valid citizen of the country.


Then, why did she had to change her mind to become PM when Kalam never discussed issue of citizenship with Sonia ? The real reason was that lakhs of activsts and crores of common-citizens were opposing Sonia becoming PM as she was of foreign origin and many were ready to do anything for this and were preparing to go to Delhi. Many people had taken job-leaves and even had taken a ticket for Delhi.
I also had seen and heard many protests. You can confirm whether people were against Sonia or not from your elders who are even a little interested in politics.

MNC lobbies had sponsored the Media to project Sonia as desi-bahu because they wanted to make such a person as PM who would be honest towards them and not towards the country.

This movement was slow but was picking up in whole of India. The MNC lobbies had sensed that a lot of people were against Sonia`s foreign origin. That is why the MNCs lobbies asked Sonia to propose name of Manmohan Singh, who was also honest towards them. And when Sonia Gandhi announced that Manmohan Singh would become the next PM, all the protests stopped.

This proves that if crores of commons demand a thing, then can force the netas or even dictators to fulfil their demands. In the same way, we got independence, when crores of commons and lakhs of activists demanded that British should leave India and the British had to leave the country.

In the same way, if lakhs of activists and crores of commons demand right to recall over PM, CM, judges etc, jury sytem, Mineral Royalty for Commons and Military and other pro-common drafts, then the netas and PM will be forced to print these drafts in Gazette.

6.4 Let us talk How a person can become  a hero in public by abusing and alleging an evil, influential friend

Let's say, I want to be a `leader` in my college. To get close to my student buddies, I need to 'show' that I am a good guy. For that, I team up with my evil friend...who is some big shot, son of someone from my college management body. And we create a plan as follows.


I abuse my evil friend for conducting unlawful activities such as ragging etc.
I do NOT submit any court-admissible proofs. I do NOT present ANY documentary evidences...nor any witness to testify ragging charges etc.

So, the Friend will be safe...college management will not punish this evil friend of mine as there are NO EVIDENCES.

What is the Result ?

1) I said some things which all the students ALREADY knew. But I said them loudly.
2) Students will consider me as a Hero...and will vote me in college elections.
3) Behind curtains, I will be buddies with my friend, a hand of help to the college management.
4) If SOMEONE ELSE tries to oppose my friend...I can force him/her to join me, as I'm already a hero or...my friend himself can beat the other guy to death to keep me at the center of attention.

Is this possible? Just a hint is enough for the wise  !!!

This is applicable in politics also if  evil friend is replaced with evil Corporates and evil netas. And College management with be replaced by Corporate sponsored paid media, College with Parliament and students with voters and public.

Please note that not everyone has evil influential friends behind the curtains and so not everyone will be able to do such a fake act.  Only those persons who have evil influential friends - netas, corporates can come out with such evidence lacking accusation against own evil influential friends and become hero in the eyes of the public. And no harm comes to these persons with such contacts.

Therefore we should judge netas/intellectuals by the procedure-drafts he promotes or opposes on his website or manifesto and not by the bhashans they give. One way to `expose` the friend of criminal is to confront him with good proposal-drafts that will physically and materially damage the criminal.


7. Let us now talk about Subramaniam and 2G case

2G case was initially filed by Arun Agrawal and NGO called Telecom Watchdog.

Later, Subramanian Swamy had been appointed lawyer in 2G case on his request , so he is very much now accountable to the public since he is fighting on behalf of the public. The public can question him since he is using the courts and the public funds allotted for the courts.

In 2G case, Subramaniam helped Sonia Gandhi by imprisoning DMK leaders and that weakened negotiating power of DMK and strengthened Congress, due to which Congress got the telecom ministry. Sonia only gained since the bribe money which used to go to DMK before , now is going to Sonia Gandhi and Congress MPs. Subramaniam Swamy opposes Right to recall procedures so that all corrupt MPs of all parties remain protected. If RTR over NAC chairperson comes, Sonia will be expelled also by the common citizens. Subramaniam supports right to recall procedures for the elite, that is right to recall over house/office servants but opposes the right to recall procedures for the commons , that is right to recall over PM, Ministers, NAC chairpersons. All his actions are anti-common.

Even the move to remove Chidambaram, who is a future PM candidate of Congress, will strengthen Sonia and her daughter`s chances to become PM.

Swamy demanded that 122 licenses should be cancelled because auction was not held. Well, auction was not held even in 2003. Even in 2003, it was `first come first served basis`. And for that matter, 1000s of plots which Government gives out are all without auction. Example Narender Modi gave some 900 acre plot to Tata-Nano for Rs 500 crores in 2009 and that was without auction. Shall we confiscate all spectrum, all plots that were given without auction?

If Minister is corrupt, we imprison Minister. And we also imprison the person who gave bribes like CEO etc. And we collect bribe money. All that is fine. But all that comes "later" to Swamy --- Swamy wants first Uninor licences to be cancelled !! Whom does that benefit? It will benefit Vodafone, Idea,etc. these are all UK/US companies.

Since 2007, Vodafone/Idea have kept prices high. Prices came crashing down due to Uninor/Siesta. It does not take 2 + 2 to see that Vodafone has vested interest in getting license cancelled.

Wake up folks, this guy claims he is against Sonia and gives statements against Sonia. But all his actions help Sonia and MNCs. Subramaniam Swamy is not against corruption --- he is only helping US lobbies like Vodafone etc. And he openly supports many corrupt people like Judge Kapadia, MMS, etc. It is DUTY of a citizen to expose those who sell fake, urea milk as good milk.

The BEST way to damage Sonia is NOT to worship Subramaniam Swamy and perform his Aarti, but spread information on Right to Recall Prime Minister draft.

One of my proposals is that we should ask Supreme Court Chief justice Kapadia to order narco test of Hassan Ali, Raja and such scumbags in public. Please note that Constitution does NOT prohibit narco tests nor does any law made by MPs. Some corrupt Supreme Court judges wanted to protect criminals like black money hoarders, terrorists, financial criminals etc. And so these corrupt Supreme Court judges ruled that narco-test will be taken ONLY if accused agrees !! Pray, which high profile financial criminal like Raja or Shourie or Hassan Ali or which terrorists like Dawood will ever agree that narco test should be taken? All in all, Supreme Court judges have sided with high profile criminals, that too in the name of human rights --- Indian interests can go to hell. Thankfully, the verdict came after Kasab's narco test was done.

Had the verdict come before, than even Kasab would have been spared from narco-test. So much for "justice".

Supreme judges are funny people who really make me cry these days. Consider their decisions and indecisions. Policemen beat 25000 sleeping protestors and burn the pandal (Jun-5-2011) and Supreme judges have not expelled even once police officer for this mess. . We see countless cases of police atrocities and we also see judges snoring on these cases for decades. And what is narco-test? The person is not beaten or tortured. Only 5 ml of completely harmless non-toxic substance called Sodium Penthanol is injected under medical supervison and then person is questioned for 2-3 hours.

This substance is everyday used in higher doses in operations for anesthesing the patient , so it is completely safe. So the judges snore on cases of custody deaths and find this narco-test, even on terrorists and high-corruption criminals as against "human rights" !!! Either this judges are total idiots, or they must be agents of criminals hell bent on protecting them. IMO, they are NOT idiots.

But now we according to Subramaniam , we have very very very very honest Chief judge Kapadia. Kapadia has power to cancel this judgment. And thus Kapadia can order narco tests on Hasan Ali, Raja, Manmohan Singh, Sonia etc. Given that he is very very very honest, he might reverse the judgment and allow narco-tests on A.Raja etc . There is no limitation of Kapadia to reverse the judgement. Also, we are not demanding these narco tests to be taken as evidence but only as leads which will lead to important evidence and help in recovery of the bribe money taken by the accused and party.

Request to All Activists to ask their leaders to demand Narco in public of  A.Raja, Sonia etc. –

Narco tests are allowed all over the world. 2010 judgement did not ban it but the judge told that accused permission is needed.


That judge was Balasubramaniam whom SS tells is corrupt and SS says present judge is honest.

One honest M.P. high court judge recently allowed narco -

HC permits narco test of 3 forest staffers -


Narco is not taken as evidence but used to collect info about evidence. So, it is not unconstitutional.

It is very safe and scientific, used and preferred all over the world.

Please ask Subramaniam Swamy worshippers to ask Subramaniam in public why he is refusing to ask Justice Kapadia permission for narco tests in public to be done on A.Raja,etc

So please do a favour to mother India. Please ask all Subramaniam Swamy fans in 15 days to ask Subramaniam to file permission before Judge Kapadia for narco tests to be done on A.Raja and other accused within 30 days and make public the responses.

Link of sample letter -


8. Subramaniam Swamy and FDI

Swamy actively suppported FDI in retail and WTO since he was commerce and law minister in ChandraShekhar`s government.

He called Swadeshi people bogus.


Dr Subramanian Swamy served as minister of law, commerce and justice in the Chandra Shekhar government.

Nowadays, Subramaniam has done a U-turn on his statements on FDI and has become a pseudo-opposer of FDI because all his actions still benefit MNCs like Vodafone etc. example his opposing RTR over PM, CMs, lokpal etc. 

And on top of that he brags that he was the one to bring these the `globalisation` ,not Manmohan Singh.

So, please focus on the actions of the neta, not on his bhashans.

This is end of Part-1; Please listen further in the next part

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Beginning of Part-2

9. Now let us talk why RSS/BJP, Swami Ramdev etc are supporting Subramaniam Swamy

I get a valid question --- if S Swamy is bad guy as I say, then why are RSS/BJP leaders, Swami Ramdev going along with Subramaniam Swamy ?

Well, the MNC-owners\Missionaries in 2010 saw that anti-Congress sentiments are growing. So MNC-owners\Missionaries, using the media, NGOs and judges they own, have created entities such as Anna and now Subramaniam Swamy who have become magnet for anti-Congress youth. So powerful as been impact of MNC-paid TV-channels that on apr-08-2011, when we said that Anna is Ford Foundation agent and Janlokpal is MNC-pal meant to benefit MNC-owners, people started calling me a Congress agent !! So now if BJP\RSS leaders do not accommodate Anna\Subramaniam on BJP\RSS platform, then they face a fear and possibility of division in anti-Congress sentiments in 2014. As a scenario --- say The Anna and Subramaniam form a party and contest elections in 2014. Then they can capture 2% to 4% anti-Congress votes, which may mean loss of 20-40 seats to BJP nationwide. Hence BJP\RSS leaders, and all those who are well-wishers of BJP\RSS and those who hate Congress are left with no option but to work with Anna and Subramaniam. And they have no option but to gulp the insults that Subramaniam brought down Vajpayee government and tried to make Sonia PM in 1999, and also that  Subramaniam had demanded ban on VHP in 2001 under National Security Act and also that SS had said that "RSS is an anti-national organisation, earlier they disintegrate, better" and all that. 

So to avoid division of anti-Congress votes, BJP\RSS leaders have no option but to please The Anna, Subramaniam Swamy etc.

Now, where does role of you blind-followers come in this ? Paid Media said that Subramaniam Swamy is anti-Congress and you believed the paid media without cross-verifying whether actions of Subramaniam benefitted Congress or cause loss to Congress. In this way, the paid media was successful in promoting the name of Subramaniam and RSS etc was forced to give support to Subramaniam.
This is principle reason why our "Movement for Right to Recall Movement" aims to create true-activist-movement and true mass-movement, without any help from media, and then force existing leaders to print RTR-laws in Gazette. I don’t aim for shortcuts like "win election and make RTR laws". Because moment you take "win election and then we will make good law" route, one has to make compromise with everyone who can split votes, and some of them could be just images created by MNC-owners who own mediamen and judges.

So dear activists , please focus on Right to Recall drafts and confront ALL your leaders with Right to recall procedures.

10. Let us now talk about Subramaniam Swamy and EVM

Subramaniam Swamy claims that he is anti-EVM. Can anyone explain why Subramaniam does not ask his supporters to become a candidate so that each constituency has 65 candidates and Election Commission is forced to use paper ballot? (Because EVM cannot support more than 64 candidates in a constituency)

And this method is practical because it has been used successfully in Andhra By-elections by TRS party. See link -.







But instead why is Subramaniam wasting time of activists in useless court case, where judge so far has refused to ban EVM for coming elections?

If Subramaniam is truly anti-EVM, least he can do is to give a call to ALL organizations like BJP, CPM, India against Corruption etc. to stage 65 candidates. These candidates have ample money to do this task. If not all, each organization can adopt at least some constituencies.

Next one should give call to ask citizens to force Prime Minister to print Right to recall election commissioner procedure in the Gazette. And least efficient way is to run in courts.

Most political parties' top leaders are supporting EVMs due to US pressure. No political party except Telangana Rashtriya Samiti has asked its activists to put 65 candidates. Even LKA opposed the proposal to stage 65 candidates.

 The chip inside EVM is made in USA. Do you get the hint? Let me further elaborate. The EVM circuit is made in such a way that if mere 5-10 people inside BEL (the company that makes EVMs) collude, then it is possible to add 20% of votes to most favored candidate even if candidate number will become known at later stage. How? See http://righttorecall.info/evm1.pdf

Also, there is a YouTube video which shows how EVMs can be hacked using remote signals after placing a circuit in BEL warehouse.


Now if EVM hacking is done, Congress or BJP are not capable of doing it and nor are they capable of ensuring that media doesnt show the YouTube video. Only CIA is capable of hacking EVMs at large scale and only MNCs can supress the channels for not showing that YouTube video

I gave newspaper advertisement in Indian Express on Jul-31-2009 requesting activists to fill 65 election nomination forms so that EC is forced to use ballot paper. Lone voice --- but at least I did my part.

Uselessness of Paper trail-

EVMs with paper trail cannot stop rigging in EVMs even 1%. And what is person runs away with printed ballot slips? What if person pressed BJP, ballot printed BJP and person yells foul play saying he had pressed "Congress"?

And whether these EVMs with paper trails can really maintain secrecy of ballot can only be know when the full procedure or draft is disclosed .

To those who've proposed giving each voter a receipt, you run into one of the following problems. Either the receipt is not human-readable (i.e. you as a human can't tell from the receipt which way your vote was recorded), in which case you haven't solved the trust issue (because a computer tells you you voted one way, and a computer tells you your receipt confirms this--but you have to trust a computer in both cases). Or else the receipt is human-readable, which might solve the trust issue but introduces the issue that the vote is no longer anonymous (making voter coercion a problem).


11. PIL Fixing-

The corrupt MNC lobbies ensure that PILs of only those persons are allowed by the judges whom they want to be promoted by their sponsored paid media. The lobbies manage the judges via keeping their relatives on their panel or giving them favors. The PILs are admitted not according to the matter but according to the person filing the PIL.

Once Subramaniam files a court PIL, the MNC sponsored judges do not allow others to file similar PIL and Subramaniam weakens the case and judges keep the cases pending for years.

11.1 First Example-

Rajiv Dixit in 2003 had gone with a PIL for scrapping Double Taxation treaty with Mauritius but his PIL was rejected and Judge gave a unconstitutional judgement allowing a law which was used to evade taxes and loot the masses.


11.2 Presenting an example of how Sethusamudram PIL was fixed and Ramasetu issue was hijacked by Subramaniam to make him a hero

Subramaniam Swamy and paid media are  often heard giving him credit for `staying` Sethusamudram Project and saving Ramasetu. Let us see the facts.

1) The Sethusubramaniam project was initiated by the BJP-DMK aliance (NDA) in 2002. But many activists forced BJP to stall the project due to which the BJP - DMK partnership broke and BJP then openly started opposing this project when it went out of power.

The SethuSamudram project is unviable according to many experts. So, it is unlikely to be implemented but crores of rupees already have been spent.



2) Petition against public hearings on Sethu project dismissed

By A. Subramani

CHENNAI, DEC. 17. The Madras High Court today dismissed a writ petition against public hearings on the Sethusamudram Shipping Channel Project as premature and directed Collectors of six coastal districts to complete the hearings expeditiously.


For years experts have been saying that

Now, the Courts had been ignoring the petitions of local people just because they do not have any connections but in comes Subramaniam Swamy in 2008 and he argues the same points and Courts give him a Stay !!!

Why ? How ?

It is obvious the judges acted upon petition of SS to go by the wish of their MNC sponsors and the MNC sponsored made SS a hero while totally suppressing the fact that others had petitioned before him since years.

11.3 See yet another case of  PIL fixing .

"Sharma had, in his petition, said there was a conflict of interest as the CJI's son was working for a global consultancy firm which had in the past given its services to Vodafone."

"Holding that a PIL questioning CJI S H Kapadia being part of the bench which delivered the Vodafone tax matter verdict as "highly scandalous, frivolous and irresponsible", the Supreme Court today dismissed the plea for quashing the judgement and imposed a cost of Rs 50,000 on the petitioner. "




11.4 Letters can also be admitted as PILs

HC judges also take PILs as letters. We have already sent PIL lettters to High Court Judge. They do not even reply. Only those PILs are taken when the person has some connection with the judges and we do not know any judges.

PIL is not so useful as giving ads on law-draft solutions and raising mass movement.

11.5 PILs require connections or bribes to be admitted

In Gujarat High Court, judges charge a bribe of rs 500,000 up for getting PILs admitted. No guarantee of success ... just admission.

YES. either bribe or must have contacts with relatives of judges or those who are close friends of judges.

If you had gone to Supreme Court with 2G PIL, the judges would have kicked you out then and there. And when Subramaniam went with same PIL, they welcomed him. WHY? Because Supreme Court judges want Subramaniam Swamy to get fame and not you.

Now why would Supreme Court judges want Subramaniam Swamy to get fame ? Well, Supreme Court judges do not care. They got supported or paid by the lobbies and do what these lobbies say.

Next, no matter what heroic deed you will do, media men will never ever give you any focus. And Subramaniam just went to court .Well, 3 crore Indians go to court once every 3 months.

and wow !!! Media has nothing but praise for Subramaniam Swamy. WHY? Again, because mediamen do not want you to be hero, they want Subramaniam Swamy to be hero. Why? Again, they don’t care --- they go by what people who pay them want.

So basically, end of court plus media drama is --- the lobbies which own judges and media will install their agents as their heroes.


Sole purpose why media-men project Subramanian Swamy is because the people who sponsor media see that Subramanian Swamy is wasting away activists’ time and promote inaction by creating fake hopes in court cases.

The activists see that Swamy is filing high-profile cases, and paid media-men create fake hopes that these cases will bring results. So they become inactive. This is only thing Swamy attains. Consider his useless time-wasting case of EVM. If anyone can rig EVM on large scale, it is CIA or MNCs . And Swamy wants us to believe that corrupt and nepotic High Court judges will defy CIA and MNCs !! And when he filed case and paid media projected him, the REAL activism against EVMs (that concerned citizens should put 65 candidates in a constituency) died out. In other words, EVMs gained life due to Swamy useless court drama.

12. The general method of “give funds and media coverage to the Time-Wasters”


There are some people who agree to live with less and partially give up ambition of career and thus manage to find some time for activism. The MNC-owners as well as Indian elitemen need a method to keep activists busy with harmless, even if useless, activism. One method they have perfected is to give funding and media coverage to time-wasting activist-leaders who will get activists administer activists, make them perform useless activities and waste away his time.


How does this method work from end to end?


1. The junior-activists, who are ready to give their own time and money for the country in return not expecting fame, money, praise , number only a few lakhs. That is why they should focus on most efficient methods for solving the burning problems of the country and bringing positive change.

The junior-activists wrongly feel that they alone cant do much for many reasons such as they do not have time, they do not have capability, etc, and so they decide to join a team.


This itself a fallacy. In chap-13, I have shown how 200,000 activists, all working alone and not in any group can improve India and make it at par with West in few months. Nevertheless, activists want to join some group. So they look for activist leaders.

2. The activists leaders want funding and look for donors – be foreign donors or Indian donors. And so activist leaders has no option but to subtract the items from their agenda which they think donors will not like, even if the items are extremely and urgently needed for India. This is how the activist leaders become time-wasters. There is no order from elitemen --- the activist leader willingly becomes time-waster in order to suit the “trends” set by donors.

3. The activist leaders also use costume, posture and jargon that will make activist leader look “antiestablishment”. This is needed to appeal the junior activists.


4. Now the elitemen are looking for activist-leaders who are time-wasters. So when elitemen find time-waster activist leaders, they give him funding and also pay mediamen to give him favourable media-coverage so that he gains limelight in junior activists, and more and more junior activists join him. So with media-highlighting and costume/posture etc, the activist leader gets junior activists, asks them not to focus on campaigning to get good Gazette Notifications printed and instead and wastes away his time in far less efficient activities such as teaching, health, environment jihad, rallying, shouting, sloganeering etc.


5. Thus same laws will continue, and elitemen’s rule will also go on.

This is how technique of “give funds and media coverage to timewasters” works. And these days, giving media-coverage is more important that giving funds. The media coverage is almost always 95% or more of total expenditure. Eg in the Janlokpal Drama Act-1 (between feb-4-2011 to feb-8-2011, the money MNC-owners paid to TV-channels must have crossed over Rs 2000 crores).


There are over 10000 activist leaders in India, and IMO, over 9900 are deliberately wasting away time of activists into inaction, so that they can get media coverage from MNC-owners and Indian elitemen. The MNC-owners and Indian elitemen give them coverage because the MNC-owners and Indian-elitemen want to waste away time of the youth. The activists will have to search on their own who is time-waster and who is not.

13. Let us talk about Subramaniam And Sanatan Dharm

Subramanian Swami in his speech in Ahmedabad in Nov-2011 made an interesting statement. He said that law-education should be introduced from school level. I cant agree more, as this has been my demand since 1998. But hold on. Swamy was Cabinet Minister in 1990-91. Why didnt he moved a proposal to add basic law as subject in the school back then? And in 1977-1980, he had prominent position in ruling party. Why didnt he moved a legislation in Parliament then? And even later, he has been MP. Why didnt he propose any legislation too basic law as subject in schools? IOW< he is just pure talk --- when it comes to making legislation, he doesnt act. Why? Ask him.

        In same Ahmedabad meeting, Swami mentioned that Julia Roberts has become Hindu and the crowd consisted of RSS workers started clapping big time. What Swami deliberately did not mention was that over 15% of AP population and some 35% of dalit AP population has become Christian !!!
        And finally, when it came to solution to corruption, Subramaniam proposed a very ingenious solution. He said that "promotion of Sanatan Dharam and Sanatan values is only way !!!" In other words, we don’t need any system change, we don’t need Jury System, we don’t need Right To Recall procedures, we don’t need to fix police and courts, we only need to promote Sanatan Values ,... and bingo corruption will reduce, Bangladeshis will get expelled, Military will improve etc etc.  Without the common citizens having their basic rights, rights to make a transparent complaint which is not suppressed, rights to punish or replace the corrupt, corruption and other burning problems of the country will not be solved .
        And Citizens will be enslaved, converted and looted like happened in South Korea and Iraq. 

14. Let us talk about Subramaniam Swamy`s anti-islamic DNA article


         The question is --- in this or any other article, did Subramanian Swamy gave any way to strengthen Military? NO. (pls see chap-24 of http://righttorecall.info/301.pdf  to see laws to strengthen Military ) . He opposes Right to Recall PM -- so PM will remain corrupt and never let Military improve. Subramanian Swamy opposes giving guns to all citizens. So how will we fight against Pakistani Military, if it has all the latest equipment from China?
And we cant take on Pakistan without improving Military. What steps does he prescribe to improve Military?And when he was MP\Minister in 1990, how many drafts did he propose in Parliament to implement any of these? Did he propose the legislation to remove art-370 back then?
He talks about expelling Bangladeshi. But he opposes ALL law-drafts necessary to expel Bangladeshi. eg to determine whether an accused is Bangladeshi or India, Jury Trial is MUST because judges are corrupt and deliberately waste away too much time. And most important --- narco-test of Bangladeshi in public is MUST to finally prove that he is Bangladeshi. And here too Subramanian Swamy has publicly opposes narco-tests. In fact, Subramanian Swamy also opposes narco-test on Hasan Ali, A Raja etc.
Moreover Subramaniam claims to be a promoter of Hinduism but refuses to propose laws by which Bangladeshies' inflows can be reduced and existing Bangladeshies can be tracked, proved and expelled, how to stop forced conversions. Forced Conversions, illegal Bangladeshis , Capture of Temples by missionaries/ MNCs and diversion of funds for induced conversions etc. cannot be stopped by running around in courts. Please see our proposals for this in www.righttorecall.info/301.pdf  and also our video on the topics of stopping forced conversion and stopping illegal Bangladeshis and strengthening military and countering terrorism.

I have personally spoken to SS. He opposes any change in laws and especially Transparent Complaint / Proposal procedure (TCP) (see www.righttorecall.info/301.pdf, chapter 1)

Only Hindu Mindset which needs to change is to focus on procedures. Hindus must come back to their tradition of worshipping the values of the person instead of the person. They must stop all blind worship.

The end result of all his court cases is a big ZERO.

And yet, before media, Subramaniam Swamy claims to expose corruption by filing cases in Courts and reducing corruption in this way.

Swamy fully knows this is not possible but is misleading the genuine activists from following ways that will actually reduce corruption like Transparent Complaint / Proposal Procedure, Strong Jury system, good Recall procedures, over PM, ministers, MPs, judges, lokpal etc

15. Why is Subramaniam misleading activists ?

       Obviously , he is not doing so for money, maybe he is doing for name, but whatever the reason, it is clear that his campaign is only wasting time of activists and is not contributing to reduction of corruption.
        The truth is that in 99% of the big corruptions, there is no proof of corruption and so the court way of fighting corruption which Swamy is trying to promote is useless. Without proof, the corrupt will not be convicted. That is why Subramaniam has not been able to get even one conviction in his more than 15 years of court activism. And without any convictions of the corrupt, there will be no reduction in corruption.
         Another lie which Subramaniam and other leaders tell the activists and common citizens is - `Elect our party to majority and we will make good laws`. This is simply impossible. Why ? Let us say , somehow a party gets majority in Loksabha, but still it needs 5-10 years or more to get majority in rajyasabha to get laws passed . And even if somehow, a law is passed in both houses, MNCs can get that law cancelled via their agent judges in Supreme Court. So, a bunch of people cannot counter the mighty MNCs , who as of today have hold over most of media and most of judiciary.
          Only 2-4 lakhs of activists
, all working alone and not in any group and few crores of commons are needed to raise a mass movement on good law-procedures and force the PM/CM to put them in Gazette notificiation. PM/CM needs only few hours to print these procedures in Gazette notification to pass these laws. I would request the audience to study how changes were brought about by real, successful mass movements like Indian Navy Revolt , 1946, Emergency mass-movement,1977, etc.

15.1 Emergency mass movement -



15.2 Indian Navy Revolt links-

a) RIN mutiny gave a jolt to the British-


b) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Indian_Navy_Mutiny

Other detailed links on this topic -

c) RIN 1946 - Book by victimized RIN Ratings, Oct 1954 (Part)


d) THE RIN strike by a group of victimized R.I.N. Ratings (1954) (Full)


(Google Docs, 20 MB)

e) RIN : 1946 (References and guide for all) by Biswanath Bose


(Google docs, 48 MB)





16. What should activists do ?

Activists should now focus on drafts and procedures to get printed in gazette which will solve the problems of the country rather than court drama or blindly follow or support leaders.

They should adopt democratic methods for bringing good procedures for the country and change in country --- Give Advertisement / Pamphlets of Solution-drafts to inform the masses. These are democratic methods for bringing good procedures for the country which will succeed if activists take part. Non-democratic methods such as cheering your leader, slogan shouting, bhashans, closed door discussions, campaigning for neta, anshans, candle light marches etc. will fail to bring any change in the system and country.

These methods actively involve the masses, who are the stake-holders in the country and so these democratic methods are powerful and succeed, while those methods which actively involve only a few persons and not the masses, are weak and undemocratic and fail to bring any positive change in the system.

Even before the procedures are actually printed in Gazette Notification, when the masses will come to know about the solutions to the burning problems of the country like Transparent Complaint / Proposal Procedure, Right to recall-PM, RTR-judges, RTR-Police Chief, etc. the politicians, judges, police etc. will do their job properly since they will feel threatened that if they do not do their job properly, the masses might demand these procedures, by which the voice of the commons will not be suppressed and the common citizens can replace / punish the corrupt.

In other words, the threat of these procedures coming is also effective and will force the public servants to behave.

The citizens should follow or support only those leaders or intellectuals who have good procedures in their manifesto or website, procedures which will solve the burning problems of the country and not because just they make good statements promoted by paid media. And it is the duty of all citizens to expose those leaders who tell lies to activists and engage them in time-wasting activities which will not reduce these problems like Court Drama and divert them from the real solutions like Recall procedures and other pro-common law-drafts.

17. Message to the Country`s Mir Jaffers and Omichands

Who was Mir Jaffer and Who was OmiChund ?

To know full details,  please google on `Battle of Plassey`

In short, Mir Jaffer was military chief of Siraj-ud-daula , Nawab of Bengal during the 18th century and Omichund also lived in Bengal during same time and used to lend money to big time traders, rulers, etc.

Mir Jaffer and Omichund had betrayed the nawab of Bengal and people of Bengal for their own selfishness and thought that no harm will come to them or to their families.

But the British outsmarted them and betrayed them. The British were more clever and powerful than MirJaffer and more clever than Omichund. Mir Jaffer and his family were killed by the British and OmiChund, the lender was duped by the British and became mad.

In short, the betrayers were betrayed by the British. 

Today also there are Mir Jaffers and Omichunds in the country, who think that they can betray the people of this country and side with the corrupt MNCs and nothing will happen to them or to their familes.

I sincerely request them to learn from History. If the country is destroyed, then you and your family members will also not be spared by the corrupt MNCs, no matter which corner of the world they are in. And request other citizens to please at least once try to make these betrayers understand (without taking their names) and request them to mend their ways. In that only, lies their interest.

And in the interest of the country, please campaign for pro-common laws and procedures.


18. How will you citizens decide which leader or intellectual to support or oppose?


Support blindly those persons whom the paid, unverifiable news promotes and who only make statements and empty promises in paid media without any actions .




Support those persons who have put in their manifesto or website procedures giving rights of the common citizens such as Transparent Complaint / Proposal procedure, Recall procedures, Jury System, Mineral Royalties for Commons and Military, Simple non-court method of stopping EVM-tampering etc which will solve the burning problems of the country.


(Find these procedures in www.righttorecall.info/301.pdf )


Oppose those who sell urea milk that is tell the masses inefficient , time-wasting procedures like Court Drama, Lokpal Drama, Candle night marches, Fixed Anshans, Shouting slogans against opposition parties or leaders , character building , draftless discussion etc., which will not solve the burning problems of the country.




Oppose those who sell pure milk, that is efficient procedures beneficial for the commons , which will give their rights and expose those who sell urea milk.