Signs of Pseudo-Recallists and Anti-recallists


Recallist friends,


Please note that now `Right to recall` name is becoming known among the masses. And leaders are being pressurised by their activists to talk about right to recall. So, they have to forcefully talk about `Right to recall`

But anti-commons do not really want `Right to recall` procedures.

They do not care if country sells to the MNCs and 99% of the people are looted. All they care is themselves in reality.


Since 65 years, people have been demanding procedures by which the common citizens can replace/punish the corrupt and procedure to make a transparent complaint procedure. Transparent means ` that complaint which is visible, and verifiable anywhere, anytime and by anyone.

But, the anti-recallists have been suppressing this demand.

For these they have certain techniques, some of which will list. Rest will add, later-


1) They discourage their activists and others from talking about drafts., even reading drafts , forget writing drafts.

 Draft reading and writing is not the job of the lawyers, not of the judges, not of the MPs, but of the citizens!! Yes, you , the common citizens have to give the drafts to the MPs, who then pass the drafts. Lawyers do not have job of making drafts, their job is to fight cases, judges do not have job of making drafts, their job is of making judgements.

 Anti-recallists discourage others by engaging activists in activities which will not reduce corruption like social activites like running schools, yoga teaching and practising, shouting slogans against opposition parties or other politicians, campaiganing for a candidate to win the elections, character building etc.,

But do not tell the activists to read the drafts , forget discussing them.

 So, start reading drafts and discussing drafts and make comments on drafts, quoting the clauses. And after reading some drafts and making comments, you will be able to write drafts even.

 If common citizens start doing this job , no one will be able to make false laws and statements.

 2) Anti-recallists and pseudo-recallists never do proper comparison and analysis.

 This they do so along with some technical jargon, so that other person gets confused and demoralised and does not read and discuss.And they always do one sided discusssion .

 Please do ask to  make comparison for a given scenario for the present scenario and then for the law/draft they prefer, and then other drafts.

Please compare these procedures and see whether they are beneficial or harmful for the country.

 for e.g. pseudo-recallists often say that the crores of people under right to recall procedures can be easily bought, but they never compare it with todays or their favourite procedures, because  in those procedures there are only few people to buy by the multinationals.

 3) They always say they support `Right to recall` but never tell RTR over which position ? RTR over sarpanch, corporator, mayor or PM, lokpal, CM.

Ask them to specify that and give the draft of that.

 4) They say they support RTR but will bring it `later`,(maybe next life). Some of the excuses for bringing `later` is

 a) Now government will not pass it.

       Ask them , do you want to go according to wishes of government or according to wishes of crores of people?

 b) Everything cannot come at same time.

      Tell them that people do not want to wait for 50-100 years for all reforms to come.

If transparent complaint procedure comes, ALL reforms can come in few months time.

Please see this procedure in

c) Our unity will break

      Tell them that we want unity , that is why we are asking to add clauses of these democratic procedures, to their draft.
And if they want unity , why do they not promote `Transparent complaint / Proposal Procedure` , which will help in unifying the people of the country.

d) We will first choose the MPs, and bring them to power , who will bring the `right to recall` drafts and laws,.

       Ask them how they expect the public servants, the MPs, the ministers, PM , to allow the public to dominate them ? After coming to power, they will take bribes from MNCs, deposit the bribes in foreign secret accounts and dump `Right to recall` procedures.

These `Right to recall procedures ` can come only when crores of public masters, the citizens of the country pressurise and force the public servants, the MPs, ministers, PM to sign and bring these laws.

Therefore, they should ask the MPs or their party to put the drafts of RTR-MP, etc RTR laws and procedures in their manifesto.

 5) They will say to support a individual who will bring the drafts and they ask not to make any comments on the public work of the public figure they like as they feel  it will defame them.

Please tell that draft is our leader. Without drafts, no change in the system is possible , either good or bad. So, we either support or oppose the draft. Ask them to introduce the draft , the leader to their leader and ask their leader whether he/she supports the draft or opposes the draft.

We do not say personal comments against anyone like `XYZ character is like that` or `XYZ father is like that` etc. We are only commenting on their public work, whether it is dishonest or honest,  just as people comment on public work of a road supervisor. Now, if you say do not comment on public work of the road supervisor, you are firstly not doing your duty as a citizen and secondly stopping us also from doing so, which is disastrous for the country.

Is it not partiallity if I comment on public servants, not related to me or whom I do not like and avoid commenting on public servants I like or related to me ? Is the country more important or the individual ??

6) They will say they support Right to recall, but never do anything for supporting that or getting it implemented.

 Ask them to write in their profile name, `Demands RTR-lokpal by citizens `, or `Demands RTR by citizens` etc.

Ask them to distibute pamphlets about procedures. (

Or ask them to make a ad in newspaper asking their leader, MPs, etc to clarify their stand on procedures-drafts of right to recall and add these clauses to their drafts or manifestos.

And to tell their group members about right to recall procedures-drafts.

Ask them to ask their leaders to add the right to recall procedures in their manifestos, or add it to the drafts they are supporting.

And ask them to show what they are doing to get these procedures implemented.

 7) Anti-recallists/pseudo recallists will try to engage you in useless draftless discussion, and waste your time, which you can use in informing drafts to others.

 Just refuse to talk on useless time-wasting draftless discussions.

Ask the anti-recallist/pseudo recallist to read the draft first. Give him/her the link. And tell them, even illiterate can understand the drafts.

And tell them to quote the clauses while commenting.

 8) Anti-recallists/pseudo recallists talk hours and hours on problems of the country but never talk a minute on solutions and never give the drafts which will reduce poverty,corruption etc,. They might give some proposals.

 Ask them to give the drafts for their proposals which will solve the burning problems of the country like poverty, corruption because government has lakhs of employees and these employees need instructions or drafts to implement the proposals. Proposals are as good or bad as their drafts.

 9) Many Anti-recallists/pseudo recallists will not take a proper stand whether they support or oppose Right to recall drafts which benefits crores of people or other drafts which favors only few people like MNCs, etc.

E.g. They do not tell whether they support or oppose Janlokpal with NO right to recall-lokpal by citizens Draft or whether they support or oppose Janlokpal with right to recall-lokpal by citizens draft.

 This they do because they have their own interests, example some sponsor who is helping them will stop sponsoring them if they say they support RTR-lokpal or other RTR procedures.

And if they tell they oppose RTR procedures , they will be exposed as anti-people/anti-common.

So, they give vague answers and do not take a stand.

 NEVER PROCEEED IN A DISCUSSION WITHOUT CLEARING THE STAND OF THE ANTI-RECALLIST as such discussions will be waste of your time, time you can use in spreading information to other citizens about right to recall procedures.

 And once a person takes a stand, proceed in discussions ,asking them to quote the draft and the clauses of the draft.

 10) Anti-recallists many times claim that the recall procedures are "impractical" or "unconstitutional"

 Ask them which procedure they are referring to first of all. And quote which clause is unconstitutional and which clause of the Constitution needs ammendment .

And their statements are biased in favour of a particular person or corporates and against the 120 crore masters of the country. They want the corporates to have all the rights to replace their managers but do not want the 120 crores masters of the country , not to get their rights of replacing the managers of the country,the public servants, the PM/MPs/Ministers/Judges. Is this not against equality of the citizens ? Is this not against democracy and against the constitution ?

 Ask them which clause of the proposed recall procedure is impractical. and how is it impractical ? Is it impractical because people will not be able to take that much bribes any longer, or it cannot be implemented.

 Ask them if they are talking about signature based system(where the persons give their signatures ) or appearance based recall system (where the person has to appear before the collector to give complaint or register himself/herself candidate and before the patwari to give his/her YES/NO.

 Ask them whether they are talking about the `Right to reject` by pressing button every 5 years or `Right to reject` anyday by Citizens ?

 (Right to Reject once every 5 years ,will bring ZERO change. Why? Because most votes are negative votes anyway i.e. he who hates congress has no option but to vote for BJP so that Congress doesnt win and vice versa. So even if a Congress hater has NoA (None of the Above) button, he will either not vote or still hit BJP button. And if someone hates BJP, he will either not vote or still vote for Congress. So Right to Reject once every 5 years ,will bring zero change.)

 Please ask them to give the full scenario explaining their claim quoting the draft and clauses.

 11) Most anti-recallists are biased towards the corporates. They want different rights and rules for the corporates and common citizens.

 The corporates make work agreements with `at-will ` temination clause, meaning that they do not have to give any proof. `At-will` means " the employer is free to discharge individuals "for good cause, or bad cause, or no cause at all,"

 Further, there is a probation period , in which the employer can expel the employee anytime , without any reason.

 But the proof-bhagats want to apply their proof-theory only when the rights of common citizens are talked. They say it is unethical to expel someone without proof. But they very conveniently avoid this point , when the rights of corporates is talked about.That time , they say , it is ethical not to give proof and expel the employee !!

Is this not plain discrimination ? Is this not unconstitutional ?

 We , the common citizens , demand equal rights as the rights of the corporates.

The corporates have the right to expel , without any proof , the employees . So, we the common citizens , should also have rights to expel our employees, the MPs, MLAs, judges, lokpals, PM, CM, without any proof.

We , the 120 crore owners of the country, the common citizens demand the Right to recall, without proof, the public servants, the PM, CM, lokpal, judges and other important officials, whom we have employed for managing the country.

 12) Another thing , I find that non-recallists or anti-recallists care about themselves rather than the country. They say` Why should we pay extra taxes to strengthen the military like custom duty, inheritance tax, wealth tax ?

 Arre, if you do n.ot pay for these , the country will get invaded and your wealth will be looted the first, along with 99% of the wealth of the country. And if you try to protect your wealth individually , one has to spend much much more than what spends collectively on protecting the collective wealth. So, it is both economical and ethical for those with more wealth to pay more than those with less wealth as taxes.


Now, most anti-recallists/pseudo-recallists will stick to their stand , very some do convert into recallists, on knowing the truth.

 But Those persons who refuse to talk on drafts, refuse to take a stand, you should stop discussing with them further as it is only waste of precious time, which can be utilised in giving information about right to recall procedures to others.

 Those persons should be told that `we do not want to discuss as you are not doing duty of citizen even, by not reading the draft. `