Virus works in team of one : With 4 hrs a week, YOU can help spread and bring Right to Recall procedures


1.      So is this another joke?. 1

2.      List of activities. 2

3.      Set-1 activities (time needed = less than  2 hours a week) 2

4.      Proposed working method for RRG activists : Virus works in a team of one. 8

5.      Are such small number of activists and hours sufficient?. 9

6.      How do proposed small activities make difference? (1) Communication over internet 9

7.      How do proposed small activities make difference? (2) Communication outside internet 10

8.      How are expenses managed without donations and subscription collection?. 10

9.      Work solo - no need for hierarchy, no need for team work. 11

10.        List of set-2 activists. 11

11.        Summary of List-1 and List-2 : over all plan for activists. 14

12.        List-3 activities. 15

13.        Proposed election campaign methods. 17

14.        Should activists print/distribute pamphlets themselves or should leader administer it?. 18

15.        Overall expense and time estimate. 18

16.        Summary. 19



1.         So is this another joke?

The opening line in this book is  “three line RTI2 Gazette Notification is sufficient to reduce poverty, reduce corruption in police, improve Education, improve Military etc in just 4 months”. And if that seemed a crude joke, then here is a much bigger joke :  if as few as 200,000 individuals spend mere 4 hours a week in writing 25 postcards a week, to randomly chosen voters from voter list, and executing steps I mentioned in chap-13, then within 6 months, their actions would create a mass movement which will force PM to print RTI2 clauses in the Gazette. And tasks involve zero donations and need zero media support.

Most organizations ask for donations of tens of crores of rupees, demand that crores of citizens should become their members and also ask their members to give hours and hours a week and they lobby for media support. They also assume, wish and demand that media should highlight them. Worse, their “plan” is not media-proof  i.e. hostile mediamen can subvert their plan. Their plan is not clone-proof i.e. their plan can be subverted by MNCs or political parties by creating competing clones and split votes. Whereas, the “methods” I propose needs much less number of volunteers --- only 200,000 volunteers. My proposed methods need less time ---  write 25 postcards or inland letters a week and spend 2 hours a week in other tasks. No donations are needed --- I will never ever ask any volunteer to collect money and send it to party officers. And I need ZERO support from media. In fact, my plan is media-proof i.e. all media in India can turn hostile against my RTR-movement and they cant block or subvert the proposed methods. And if MNCs or political parties create clones to split my votes, they will only end up helping RTR-movement !!

How come so small number of individuals and small number of hours are sufficient for my methods? While others’ plans need lakhs of volunteers and days of work from each? Why do I need zero donations, while others say they need hundreds of crores of rupees? Why I need zero media support and others need media support badly? Because the activities I request activists to take are all clone positive methods , while all other organizations are following clone negative methods. I will repeat : because the methods I request activists to adopt to publicize proposed Right to Recall PM Gazette Notification, RTR Supreme judges GN etc are all clone positive methods. What the heck is this clone positiveness? I have explained it in chap-14 of this book namely  . The clone positivity or clone negativity are the most important concepts in activism, which sadly most activists in India have ignored completely till date.

2.             List of activities

So what are the enumerated steps I ask activists to take?

I have mentioned these steps in coming sections, and also stated whether the tasks are to be done once in lifetime or to be repeated every month, along with time it would take.

3.             Set-1 activities (time needed = less than  2 hours a week)

step-1.1 :  Reading RTI2-draft  - time needed , 1 hour , one time (not every week)

Please obtain following documents by downloading or otherwise      (English) OR   (Hindi) OR   (Gujarati) .           

and please read aloud the draft of RTI2, the first proposed law given in the above document


In case you disagree with RTI2 or reading RTI2, then please find, download and read any draft of the laws that you think can reduce poverty deaths and corruption in police in a few months.


In case you disagree with RTI2 or reading RTI2-draft, and cannot find any better draft, then please write and post the draft of the laws that you think will reduce poverty deaths and corruption in police in few months or few years.


step-1.2 :  Getting answers to questions on RTI2-draft  - time - 30 minutes or more, one time

If you have any questions on proposed new law RTI2, please do call any RRG volunteer in your District, State or India, or call me, Rahul Mehta at 98251-27780. You can obtain names of RRG volunteers from Facebook community “Right to Recall Against Corruption” and from .


step-1.3 :  Signing RTI2-petition - time needed - 10 minutes , one time

Please sign the RTI2 petition at

How will this help us in bringing RTR? Is PM, CM etc ever going to read this petition? And if PM can send 5000 constables to beat 15000 peaceful protestors and set fire to mandap, will such a PM ever listen to petition? Well, petition has no legal value. The petition has advertisement value. More the number of citizens who sign this petition, easier it will be to attract more concerned citizens. The PM will surely disregard and so must he as signature on internet can be forged. But the number will be certainly useful in advertising before more and more concerning citizens. Your signing petition increases the rate at which others will notice this signature. And above all, it will not take more than 10 minutes of your time.


Campaign for any petition demanding RTI2 or any law draft that you think can reduce poverty deaths and corruption in police in few months


Write your petition demanding RTI2



step-1.4 :  The most important step : sending 25 postcards or inland letters or pamphlets to voters from voter list every week  - time needed – 60 min/week.

            This (and/or step-1.5) is the most important step and sadly, least number of activists are putting least number of hours behind this step.

Why send petty things like postcards? Because RTR  will never get media-support and so we Recallists need to create a new mass-media that informs citizens about RTR-drafts and that mass-media must not have any  centralized control.

We have internet as one media. But some 95% citizens of India don’t have internet and so emails etc wont reach them. They don’t have broadband and so they cant watch YouTube. Hence only ways to reach them is by sending postcards (or inland letters or pamphlets) or advertisements on TV channels or hoardings, and all expect postcards, pamphlets are expensive and cant be run at with small money at small scale.

            The most important plus point of “postcards to voters” is that even a poor person who can spare barely Rs 5 a month can also contribute. In other mechanisms to reach the poor, like newspaper ad or hoardings or TV channels etc , either one person has to either pay huge costs or collect donations to distribute the load. The collection will create too much wastage of time as well as possibility of corruption and siphoning of funds, resulting in loss of trust amongst activists. Instead, in case of postcards, each person spends on his own and no time is wasted in co-ordination. So postcards is superior than hoardings and TV-advertisements.

Further, “postcards to voters” can be run by 1000s of unconnected activists with no centralized control -- each activist working at small scale. Forget centralized control, I want movement to zero control – i.e. each person who contributes time and money must have his own full control over his time and his money, and no one else should have any control over it. The “postcards to voters” is least unideal.

            Further, a postcard or an inland letter reaches home and will be read by everyone in the home and it will stay in the drawing room for a few days. A TV-channel advertisement comes and goes away in seconds and then gets erased from the mind. A hoarding too is visible for a few seconds and then gets replaced by sight of another hoarding. Postcard or inland letter not only stays for a few days, some politically active persons may show the contents to neighbors as well. Plus, one line in the post card can be “pls show this postcard to all neighbors” and “pls write such 10 postcards”. Now less than 2% of them will do so. But this number in case of TV-advertisements will be 0%.

The steps I propose in sending postcards are

1.    Please buy or download a voter list of any area or contact near by political party office and get some pages of voter list xeroxed. If a person can spare only Rs 5 per month, I request him to xerox just 10 pages of the voter list.

2.    Please pick any page at random. It is necessary to pick page at random. Why? Because if 10 activists decide to write 100 postcards from voter list of 50000 voters, and if all 10 activists start from page-1, then person on page-1 will bet 10 letters and the one in end will get almost none. So it is necessary to jump to a page at random and send letters.

3.    Please pick page randomly only once and then follow serially, and when you reach end of list, pls move to first page. Why pick random page only once? Because when you pick a page randomly, chances that first of last page will be selected are next to zero, and the chances that pages in middle will be selected are high.

4.    Please send N postcards or inland letters every week. N is your choice. If a person wants to spare only Rs 5 per month, he may send only 10 postcards a month.

5.    The postcards will cost 50 paise and one may need to pay 75 paise to someone to get them written. The inland letter will cost Rs 2.50 and will cost Rs 0.50 for printing , writing address and folding. The advantage of inland letter is that it would take less time. Even if you get people to get postcards written, managing them would consume some time. Where as contents on inland letters can be printed by printers.

This paragraph is being written on Jun-29-2011. I have personally written some 100-200 postcards in past 6 months and hired one person who wrote some 2000-3000 postcards. I have been publicizing “postcards to citizens” approach for past 6 months. Despite my full efforts, I think, not even 10 activists have started writing postcards. Why? Why are activists who spend 10s of hours a week do not spend 1 hr in writing postcards? Because the activists do not realize is that – postcards (and inland letters) are the only way to reach bottom 95% . And it is not just necessary that people in bottom 95% know what Right to Recall is, but it should be clear to most of them that most of them do know what RTR is. And it should be clear to them  that PM, CMs, MLAs, MPs and intellectuals are opposing RTR. This is what I call as creating atmosphere (aka “maahoul” in Hindi). Creating  maahoul aka atmosphere requires widespread campaign via paid-news and advertisements in newspapers, TV-channels, magazines. Those who can sponsors TV-channels and newspapers will never support RTR and so the activists who want this will need work without media. Which is why it is must for activists to send postcards or letters to citizens so that it becomes media of its own.

I request all Recallists to ask mediamen to print/put information on Right to Recall in their newspapers, magazines and TV channels. I request all Recallists to ask mediamen so that Recallists can see for themselves that mediamen are hostile to RTR proposals. Why? Because one of the proposal is RTR over Doordarshan Chairman. When then comes, Doordarshan will improve and ability of all mediamen to twist/hide news will decrease. And when that happens, incomes of mediamen will decrease. Or may be, we Right to Recall is a bad idea. Whatever may be the reason, mediamen will never support RTR.

While sad part is that mediamen will never ever support RTR, a ray of hope is that --- there perhaps exists a way by which RTR movement can be raised without any support from media. And that way is “postcards to voters”. If 200,000 activists are sending say 100 postcards or inland letters or magazines every month, then every month, some over 1 cr families would get some information on what is Gazette, what is proposed RTR GN, what is proposed Mineral Royalties for Citizens GN draft etc. This is more powerful than all media put together. This will be sufficient to raise mass-movement in 6 months that would force PM, CM to printing Gazette Notification. But if crores of citizens have no information on what is Gazette Notification means and what proposed RTI2, MRCM etc GNs are then mass-movement will never happen. So sending postcards are must to generate this mass movement.

Then why are activists not interested in sending postcards? They speak hours over phones, spend hours over net and spend hours in giving talks in meets. But why do they become lazy when to comes to writing postcards.

When activists campaigning for RTR GN-drafts speak on phone or internet, they can see the results right away --- they see that one person was given the information. But when he is sending postcards, he doesn’t see the receiver nor does he know if the receiver at all read it and what he thought. Talking over phone or net also gives a feeling that someone heard him and too his notice. Whereas in sending postcards, there is no feedback that he was noticed. But the activists are not realizing that if all activists confine the talks to people within their social reach, then information will never reach the citizens in bottom 95%. Once activists ask themselves “what did I do to take the information about Gazette Notification, proposed RTI2 GN etc to bottom 95%”, then only he will realize that postcard or letter sending is important.

And the hardest part in writing postcards to 25-50 randomly chosen citizens a week is --- one needs to forget his identity for 4 hours a week. It is not easy to act like virus --- retain memory, retain intelligence and forget identity. It will be a long time before activist learns that he must forget his identity 4 hours a week to become a Recallist. And only after that postcard writing will happen.

All in all, if activists refuse to write postcards, RTR Movement will never ever take off. And there is nothing I can do more to convince activists to write postcards except making requests.




Please write postcards promoting any law-draft that you think will reduce poverty and corruption in India.




step-1.5 :  The second most important step : sending pamphlets to N voters from voter list every month or year  (time : 10 hours)

I request activist to tie up with a person who owns small magazine and start their own Right to Recall Magazine. The printing cost of 1000 copies of 32-page magazine will be about Rs 2 per copy on newsprint quality paper and Rs 4 on a good quality paper. The distribution cost to voters from voter list will be 25 paise because if a magazine is registered magazine, post department delivers it for 25 paise. This step is expensive and not for all activists.  It is for those who are willing to spend Rs 1000 a month or Rs 1000 a year. If magazine is not registered, then activists will need to hand deliver in a small area.


Please print and distribute pamphlets promoting any law-draft that you think will reduce poverty and corruption in India.



step-1.6 :  Creating Orkut/Facebook profile with name containing (Demands Right to Recall) (time : 30 minutes, one time)

Following are the steps I request you to take

1.    Please join Facebook, and in the Facebook profile, after the name, pls write “(Demands Right to Recall)”. How? Please go to “Accounts” -> click “Account Settings” -> click “Name” and add alternate name as “Demands Right to Recall”.

2.    Please join Orkut and in the Orkut profile, after the name, pls write “(Demands Right to Recall)”

3.    Please join “Right to Recall Group”  orkut community. How will joining RTR community help in bringing RTR, MRCM GNs? Well, bigger the community, higher are the chances that more concerned citizens would notice it. So your joining the community will increase the rate at which concerned citizens will notice RTI2 law, Right to Recall Group etc.

4.    Please join the Facebook community “Right to Recall against corruption” . How will joining RTR community help in bringing RTR, MRCM GNs? Well, bigger the community, higher are the chances that more concerned citizens would notice it. So your joining the community will increase the rate at which concerned citizens will notice RTI2 law, Right to Recall Group etc.

5.    Join the GoogleGroup at  . How will this help me in bringing RTR, MRCM laws? You will easily get emails  the articles posted. And of course, as number of people who join this community increases, it will be easier for me to attract larger number of concerned citizens

6.    If you do not know how to use internet, please ask a close friend or family member to create the profiles for you.

Please keep profile name as it is in English (because search is not possible in other languages) and the picture should be a sober passport size picture, and the name should not have a message, but should be name only.



step-1.6 :  Join Orkut/Facebook State Right to Recall Communities. (time : 60 minutes, one time)

Please join Right to Recall Group (State) community for your State . e.g. If you are from UP, please join Right to Recall (UP) community at  . If there is no RTR community for your state, please start one. Likewise, please start/join RTR communities at State/District levels. Pls start/join RTR Community in Facebook/Orkut etc. of your state and district.


Please join any internet community which promotes drafts that will reduce poverty, reduce corruption, improve Military, improve Education etc.



step-1.7 :  Please follow twitter account of at least 5 RTR activists



step-1.8 :  Join at least 5 internet communities of different political party or political NGOs

Here is a short list of some Orkut Communities. Please join say 2-4 of these communities and write one post a month on RTR. The

1.      Right to Recall Group

2.      I will join Indian Politics

3.      Lok Satta Party Official Comm

4.      Che Guevara

5.      Bharat Swabhiman (trust)

6.      I Love India

7.      We Want To Improve INDIA

8.      Youth of India

9.      WE, the leaders

10.  we must change Indian Politics

11.  Shaheed Bhagat Singh (Homage)

12.  "Youth Democratic Front"

13.  Lead India ’09

14.  Youth for Equality

15.  IYR National

16.  Political Minds of Young India

17.  Jago Party

18.  Indian Judiciary

19.  India needs a Revolution

20.  Youth for India

21.  Bharat Swabhiman Trust Gujarat

22.  Right to Recall Group, Rajsthan

23.  Bharat Punarnirman Dal

24.  Lok Paritran

25.  India needs a revolution

26.  Indian People's Choice Party

27.  Professionals Party of India

There are many more communities on Facebook as well. Please join these communities and post one post a month in one of the communities on RTR.



step-1.9 :  Attend one garden meeting or other meeting a month on RTR on Saturdays and/or Sundays or any day (1 hour per month)



step-1.10 :  Watch YouTube videos related to RTR and show to all.

Watch one video a week on RTR topic suggested by fellow RTR-activists.



step-1.11 :  If elections are going on, then pls find out which candidates in your area or your near by area have worked to spread information on Right to Recall drafts. Via net or otherwise, pls get hold of his pamphlets and distribute his 10-20-1000 pamphlets , as you may wish


step-1.12 :  If elections are going on, and the candidate is far away, pls download or obtain voterlist and send  10-20 or as many as you want inland letters to voters in his constituency.


step-1.13 to step-1.20:  to be added



step-1.21 writing postcards or letters to PM/CM (1 hour  , one time)

Please send a letter to PM and CM asking him to sign RTI2 law. The letter can have full RTI2 draft or may have just one line : “if and when you are convinced that 37 crore citizen voters of India support the Gazette Notification given at  or please sign that notification” would suffice. If possible, please put xerox of voter-ID in the letter


Purpose : The PM and his staff will not notice one or two or 10 letters, but will surely notice 100s letters with same content.



step-1.22 :  Writing letters to MP, MLA, Corporator, Mayor, Panchayat Members  (2 hrs , one time)

Please send a letter to local MP, MLA, Corporator, Mayor etc to ask PM, CM to print RTI2 in Gazette Notification. The letter will have only one line : “when you are convinced that majority citizen voters in your area want the GN proposed at , please ask PM to sign that GN”. and nothing more. And ask him why he opposed Right to Recall PM, Right to Recall CM, Right to Recall MP, Right to Recall MLA etc. Ask him, “does he oppose RTR because that would reduce bribes they collect?” The tone before MPs, MLAs etc should be insulting and intimidating. If a person in power is opposing Right to Recall, citizens have moral right to insult him.



step-1.23 :  Speaking to local party members (2 hours  per month)

Every month, personally contact at least one near by grass root political party member and ask him why his party is opposing Right to Recall PM draft, Right to Recall District Education Officer draft, RTI2 draft, MRCM draft etc. You should meet one worker every month and ask him to ask his MLA, MP etc to enact these law-draft. Please be polite to all grass root workers.


step-1.24 :  Writing postcards, emails to every newspaper, newsmagazine, TV channels etc (1 hour a month)

            Please write letter or postcard or email or phone-call to every newspaper/magazine you read or every TV-channel to you watch to hold debate on Right to Recall PM draft, Right to Recall Supreme Court judge draft, RTR Lokpal, Jury System, Causes of Inflation etc



step-1.25 : Attend meetings of as many NGOs as possible and ask them why do not want to support Right to Recall PM drafts, Right to Recall Lokpal draft, Right to Recall Supreme Court Chief judge draft in this life time. The time needed is say 2 hours a month.



step-1.26 : Put sticker behind your card saying “Demands Right to Recall PM”


4.         Proposed working method for RRG activists : Virus works in a team of one

Some say strongest animal is lion, some say elephant and some would say whale. But I think that stronger than all of them is a virus. So what makes virus so strong? I cant enumerate all factors. Some factors I think are as follows. Each virus is self contained. Each virus has all the memory and intelligence it needs. The viruses never “organize” i.e. no virus ever takes orders from any other virus. Virus never competes with other virus and never also tries to defend or save other virus either. Virus does only two things --- interacts to replicate and mutates when it interacts.

Each virus works in team of one. If there are 1000 viruses, then there isn’t one team of 1000 viruses, there are 1000 teams of one virus each.

Most organizations I come across discourage members from acquiring all information where as I encourage my fellow colleagues to acquire all information within themselves. Most organizations insists that juniors should blindly obey orders from seniors, while I openly insist that no junior should ever take seniors’ words as orders, and should treat it at par with request from a colleague. And above all, at RRG, I ask each one to work in team of one. Most organizations discourage and sometimes even punish mutation, where as I openly support all mutations. And the mutations are the most important aspect in my proposed plan to force PM to print RTI2, RTR drafts in Gazette.

I suggest that RRG activist should inform all activists of all parties/group around himself about Right to Recall law-drafts. And IMO, RRG activists need not create organization with offices and hierarchy to spread information on RTR-drafts. The Recallists should try to convince all selfless activists to become  Recallists. Will they convert into Recallists? Well, how did you become a Recallist ? The Recallists can try to convince that using their offices and setup to spread information on RTR is a noble cause, and it is must to save India from China/US if wars come.

Every time RRG activist comes in contact with other activist, the interaction will cause mutation in proposed drafts as well as campaign methods. The “inefficient” mutations will not progress and “efficient” mutations will progress. Not just survive, the good mutations will make the proposed drafts and methods to spread information stronger !! In fact, the version present of drafts and campaign methods itself are results of several mutations.

5.         Are such small number of activists and hours sufficient?

Yes. The reason why the steps I propose need small number of activists and small number of hours from them is --- because each activist works alone and they involve minimal team work and zero hierarchy !! The hierarchy is must for manufacturing and military but hierarchy is useless in activism, as it decreases total throughput because activists keep waiting for orders and do nothing. Worse, hierarchy makes it easy for MNCs and other political parties to subvert, block, break and worse hijack the movement by bribing top or second layer. Whereas when there is no hierarchy, activists are most active and seldom idle. And a movement which has no hierarchy can not be broken or subverted by enemy by capturing few persons.

And why less team work and more solo activism better? Why are N teams of one in activism is better than one team of N?

1.    Team work may be better than solo, but often each of N activist has 4 hours a week to spare but all activists wont be free at the same time. So in such cases,  N activists will always keep waiting for team to assemble. So all N activists working solo will involve less waiting.

2.    There may be N activists in a small area, but they all may be mutually strangers.  So if they keep waiting for team formation, they will never know that there are N activists in their ward. But if each starts working solo, they will come in contact much sooner..

3.    A solo activist is more mobile will take message further

4.    A solo automatically promotes himself to someone who can guide other junior solo.

So I give emphasis on solo work than team building when it comes to activism.

The virus approach is the best way I could see to eliminate bad laws and enact good laws. Once bad laws are gone and good laws come, the market aka personal self-motive with some small inherent goodwill is sufficient to create 1000s of good goods and services. For that, organizations are needed, and Company Act and its improvements are sufficient to create such organizations. The activists can work in any of these companies or create his own companies to create goods. For public goods, Govt depts with RTR are sufficient.

6.         How do proposed small activities make difference? (1) Communication over internet

            The above tasks in List-I will take you 4 hours a week at most, and you may split it over days if you wish. Of course, if you decide to follow options given under “OR / AND” it would take more time. The OR/ AND options are for those who have better alternative that RTI2, MRCM etc or want to modify our RTI2, MRCM etc proposals. We welcome both.

So how do such small steps make impact? The impact will come when 20000 to 200,000 activists execute these steps. Not only it will inform crores of citizens about Right to Recall law-drafts and its value, but will create an atmosphere on RTR.

One estimate I believe in is that about 6 crore people in India (as on Jul-2011) have access to broadband via their home or office or college. Of these 6 crores, about 15 lakhs to 20 lakhs are interested in reducing corruption in police, courts and also interested spending 2-4 or more hours a week. The rest are not interested at all, or at best would vote for someone whom they think will reduce poverty. But they don’t want to spend 1 hour a week for this task. So to create the movement, one will have to depend on getting support of some of these 15 lakh individuals. The goal is to form a few communication groups amongst these 15 lakhs citizens. I see no need to organize them ; IMO, forming communication groups are sufficient. Please note – I think that a few national level, a few State/District level communication groups are sufficient, we do not need to have an organization. An organization is different from communication group. The task of forming and working in a communication group has following tasks : forming the groups or searching for them, joining these communication groups, reading messages in that communication group, writing messages if time permits, forwarding messages to inside and outside the group and seeking people interested in reducing poverty/corruption and asking them to join the communication groups.

7.         How do proposed small activities make difference? (2) Communication outside internet

Using internet, activists can communicate on RTR drafts to netizens. Then what about rest 95% who do not have net?  To inform them about RTR, we can use SMS, postcards, pamphlets, hoardings and newspaper advertisements. For this, those who are very much committed to Right to Recall, Jury and MRCM laws may contribute, but pay directly to newspapers, pamphlet printers etc and never pay not to any RRG member.

The most important step is postcard or inland letters to citizens chosen at random from voter-lists. If 200,000 activists are sending 100 postcards a month, then that means 2 cr families are getting one postcard a month and cost is just Rs 50 per month and time spent is 4 hours a month. Or if 200,000 activists are sending 20 inland letters

Next step is advertisement. A front page 2 column * 25 cm (1/8th of page) advertisement in a major non-English newspaper will cost Rs 200,000 and such an advertisement would cover over one to three  Parliamentary Constituencies. If we have 20,000 activists in India willing to spend Rs 1000 per month, then we have about 300 activists per district willing to contribute Rs 1000 per month or Rs 300,000 per month. If they spend half the money in pamphlet and half the money in newspaper advertisements, then  every year we can have 8 newspaper advertisements on Right to Recall in the newspaper. And one 16 page pamphlet would cost Rs 3 including distribution cost and with Rs 150,000 per month, about 50000 pamphlets can be distributed every month. This too will add to propaganda. So with as few as 300 activists per Parliamentary seat spending mere Rs 1000 per month, RTR-activists can ensure 2% to 5% votes for every Panchayat, Corporation, Assembly and Parliament seat. This will be sufficient to get RTR-PM, RTR-CM in the Gazette Notifications and bring RTR-laws in India.

So actions I am proposing are small but they add up fully. If each activist thinks that he alone will be doing these activities in India, then he wont do these actions. But if the activist believes that he may get 200,000 unknown activists taking same steps mentioned in section-13.2 of this chapter, then RTR law-drafts will come in Gazette in less than 2-3 years.

8.         How are expenses managed without donations and subscription collection?

Now do we need money to run communication groups over internet and outside internet? Common sense says that everything needs money. And yes, we do need money to run communication groups. So where is the difference between RRG and other organization who collect money? Well, in other organizations, activists have to send money to those at the apex of organization and then hope that people at top as well as people in middle will not siphon away money. The people at top have a reason not siphon money – fame, which may translate into power one day. But the people in middle have no fame to gain, and the limited fame they get cant translate into power. So expecting that people in middle will not siphon away money is expecting too much. While in RRG model, activist directly do all expenses, and do not give a penny to any RRG office bearer. So there will never be siphoning out of money. E.g. the Recallists campaigning over internet are already paying money in form of charges paid to internet company. But they are not paying money to any centralized office which runs campaign over internet and hence no misuse. Likewise, activists who want to give newspaper advertisement will give newspaper ad themselves and there is no centralized fund collection.

Now there is a new breed of organizations these days (May-2011) which don’t collect much money such as IAC. But they have MNC sponsorship and so MNCs give 100s of crores to mediamen to sponsor them. In politics, biggest expense is communication expenses and if MNCs bear that expense behind the curtain, then that organization will not need much money. But Right to Recall Movement can never get sponsorship from MNCs or mediamen. So we cant follow their model.

9.         Work solo - no need for hierarchy, no need for team work

Now let me explain why RTR movement does not need organization and organization may end up becoming waste of time. An organization is a group with hierarchy and assets. The hierarchy aka reporting structure is key and the members who defy reporting structures are often expelled or at least never ever promoted. The organization not only makes a list of “to-do” but also makes a list “you must never not  do” and thus reduces efficiency of member. An organization can be also hostile to variations and mutations. The organizations needs assets and significant funds are collected by membership dues or worse by collecting donations . The memberships dues mostly fall short. And so organizations ask members to collect donations. And that’s where the end begins --- the leaders of the organizations have to now accept terms and conditions of donors. The unsuspecting members later realize this, but too much time passes away before this.

If one wants to do activities like running education institutions, hospitals etc then the funding and organization is must. But political reforms only needs communication and nothing more. In general, any activity which needs time and money both needs organization. But if something only needs time and minimal money, organization is not needed, communication group will suffice. We already have an organization called as Government, and our goal is to improve Government. To improve Government we need to enact laws like Right to Recall. To enact laws like Right to Recall, Jury, MCRM etc we need law like RTI2 or we need to win 100-300 Parliamentary elections. Winning election depends more on the mistakes of adversaries and is clone negative approach, while former doesn’t need adversary to mistakes and is clone positive approach. And to have law like RTI2, we need a mass movement, and to create a mass movement, we need communication amongst those who want Recall, MRCM, Jury etc. We do not need an organization where people are giving and accepting orders on physical and material activities. The organization will only end up wasting away precious money and time.

Nevertheless, as I said that I promote mutations. So if any activist feels that forming organization and forming teams will improve the speed at which citizens will get information on RTR and answers to their questions on RTR, I welcome them to form organizations and teams.

10.     List of set-2 activists

The first set of activities need 4 hours a week and hardly Rs 10 to Rs 200 per month. The second set of activities are for those who want to contribute more time/money. The first list of activities are for voters, the second list is for election-activists. The activity steps will make it clearer.

These steps will also enable activists to find more activists. One can always try to convince someone that he should spend 4-8 hours a week to fix the nation. But IMO, instead of trying to convert a non-activists into activist, it would less unproductive to spend time in finding activist (i.e. person who is already spending N hours a week) and then requesting him to add RTR-drafts in his activities. A non-activist may become activist, but something that is outside anyone’s powers. Where as asking activists to add an alternative is easy, because activist himself is eagerly looking for alternatives.



step-2.1 : Download . Try to answer at least one question a day (time : 10 minutes a day)

This PDF has questions on Indian Economy, Indian Politics, World Economy, World Politics, World Economy and Gazette Notification drafts RRG has proposed to reduce the problems of India and improve Indian Military. All questions are open-internet. Pls attempt at least open question a day. As movement advances, much of the information passing will be via asking questions and asking each to seek answers.



step-2.2 : Finding more activists :- How to find more persons who may be willing to spend time in reducing corruption, reducing poverty, reducing MNC domination over judges, Ministers etc, improving Education, improving Military etc ? Here are some steps I propose

1.    Pls join at least 5-10 Facebook/Orkut communities of other political groups such as groups of political parties or NGOs or any political groups.

2.    Pls read the posts of members in these communities. See if you think that postor may be interested in reducing corruption, poverty. If yes, pls send him a message explaining RTI2, RTR etc. Pls send scrap to 10 persons every month. On an average, about 1-2 will reply.

3.    Upon reply, pls explain them how RTI2 etc law can reduce corruption, poverty.

4.    Pls do not ask him to leave his group and join RRG. We will never have money, offices and staff to house 1000s of activists. Instead pls ask him if can add RTI2, RTR etc drafts in his party’s manifesto.



step-2.3 : Attend RRG meetings at any near by place. If there are no RRG meetings, pls hold RRG meetings at a near by garden once a month.

            It not necessary just to exist, but those who are looking for alternatives must also know that alternative exists. Unlike Anna and team, we will never ever have sponsorship from MNCs which would inform citizens about RTR. So garden meeting is first hand way to let many who come to garden that RRG alternative exists.



step-2.4 : Large scale pamphlet distribution

1.    The .pdf as well as mirrors of the pdfs of  the pamphlets I have written are on my website . You may download them

2.    Make xerox or offset of the pamphlets, and distribute 1000-2000 pamphlets in your area at bus stands or by selecting randomly selecting voters from voter-list

3.    If you can spare more time, please register a magazine so that you send pamphlets at 25 paise per pamphlets by post to voters in the voter list.



step-2.5: Large scale pamphlet distribution

1.    The .pdf as well as mirrors of the pdfs of  the pamphlets I have written are on my website . You may download them

2.    Make xerox or offset of the pamphlets, and distribute 1000-2000 pamphlets in your area at bus stands or by selecting randomly selecting voters from voter-list

3.    If you cam spare more time, please register a magazine so that you send pamphlets at 25 paise per pamphlets by post to voters in the voter list.



step-2.6: Newspaper advertisement

A good newspaper advertisement will cost Rs 50,000/-  to Rs 200,000. So if you decide to spend Rs 1000 a month i.e. say Rs 12000 a year, then pls find some 10-30 volunteers like you, chip in six months’ funds i.e. about Rs 6000 each and give a newspaper ad on Right to Recall PM, Right to Recall judges, Right to Recall Lokpal, MRCM etc. And then for next 6 months, spend no money except Rs 100 on postcards.

Why are newspaper advertisement must ?

It not just necessary that crores of citizens know what RTR-drafts are, but crores of citizens must also know that crores of citizens already know. And that’s where newspaper advertisements are must. Say I send 1 lakh pamphlets on RTR. Then these 1 lakh citizens know about RTR. But these 1 lakh citizens have no way to know that 1 lakh citizens know about RTR, as they cant know or verify how many pamphlets I distributed.

But when an advertisement is given in the front page of newspaper, every reader of that newspaper knows that the ad reached every other reader of that newspaper. That’s why I request all activists to spend half the money they have decided to spend in newspaper advertisements.



step-2.7: Pamphlet, inland letter etc distribution during election time

If it is election time, then pls find which of the candidate has worked most in campaigning for RTR. Pls obtain one copy of his pamphlet from internet or otherwise and make 10-100 or as many or as few copies you wish to make and distribute it. If the candidate is far away, pls download voter list and send inland letters to voters chosen at random from the list.



step-2.8: Newspaper ad during election time

 A good newspaper advertisement will cost Rs 50,000/-  to Rs 200,000. So if you decide to spend Rs 1000 a month i.e. say Rs 12000 a year, then pls find some 10-30 volunteers like you, chip in six months’ funds i.e. about Rs 6000 each and give a newspaper ad on Right to Recall PM, Right

If it is election time, pls give

to Recall judges, Right to Recall Lokpal, MRCM etc. And then for next 6 months, spend no money except Rs 100 on postcards.



11.     Summary of List-1 and List-2 : over all plan for activists

Following are the type of monthly activists and plan I propose for them


(A) Rs 10

per month

(B) Rs 100

per month

(C) Rs 1000

per month

(D) Rs 5000

per month


5 hours per month


(1)read RRG drafts

(2) write 20 postcards per month

(3)attend one garden meeting


(1)read RRG drafts

(2) write 20 postcards and 30 inland letters per month

(3)attend one garden meeting


(1)read RRG drafts

(2) send 10 post cards a month

(3)distribute 1000 pamphlets every 2 months

(4)contribute Rs 6000 for one newspaper ad a year


(1)read RRG drafts

(2) send 10 post cards a month

(3)distribute 5000 pamphlets every 2 months

(4)contribute Rs 30,000 for one newspaper ad a year


10 hours per month

above, plus

(4)read RRG questions (step-2.1)

(5)attend two garden meetings a month

above, plus

(4)read RRG questions (step-2.1)

(5)attend two garden meetings a month

above, plus

(5)read RRG questions (step-2.1)

(6)attend two garden meetings a month

above, plus

(5)read RRG questions (step-2.1)

(6)attend two garden meetings a month


20 hours per month

above, plus

(6)watch RRG video

above , plus

(6)watch RRG video

above plus

(7)watch RRG video

above plus

(7)watch RRG video


40 hours per month

above, plus

(7)write articles on RRG

above , plus

 (7)write articles on RRG

above , plus

(8)write articles on RRG

(9)Consider contesting elections (see List-3 activities)

above , plus

(8)write articles on RRG

(9)Consider contesting elections (see List-3 activities)

12.         List-3 activities

The List-3 activities are for those who want to contest election on RTR plank.

The List-3 activities is also for those who are willing to live a life worse than Batukeshwar Dutt and also willing to face a death more sad that Batukeshwar Dutt. Pls google on “Batukeshwar Dutt” and get more information on him. Who Batukeshwar Dutt? In case you asked this question, then that partly answers second question “how sad his life and death were?”.

From what I had read in 1988, remember and later found on net, Dutt was born in 1910 and he finished his metric from P.P.N. High School in Kanpur. Back then finishing metric was sufficient to get a well paying job. But Dutt decided to join freedom movement. Dutt was the colleague of Bhagat Singh. They both threw bomb in Assembly in 1929, for which he could have been hanged. But he was not hanged, but instead imprisoned for life because no motive to kill anyone was found in the bombing case. Bhagat was sentenced for death for killing Sanders. Dutt was also tried for killing Sanders, but Dutt was not involved and so not sentenced for this action. Dutt was sent to Kala Paani. He got infected with tuberculosis and was released in 1940. He then participated in Quit India movement and was sentenced for prison for 3 years. After freedom, he got married. Despite high school education, which back then, was sufficient to get a well paying office job, Dutt had to earn living by selling vegetables !! In 1964, he passed away in near anonymity.

Now a novice reader may ask “Well, this cant be true, because Dutt must have been getting Freedom Fighter pension”. Well, Freedom Fighter pension scheme did not start till 1971 and Dutt had passed away in 1964. Why did the scheme start so late? Many Freedom Fighter had lost physically health, mental health, property and some and even become handicapped. But Nehru and Sardar Patel refused to give them any pension to freedom fighters. Because if pension were give to them, then they would have felt economically safer, plunged into politics and could have cut Congress votes. So freedom fighters got no pension at all, till 1971.

Dutt was not honored at all during his lifetime because giving him honor and publicity could have given him platform in politics which would have cut the influence of the then leaders. So all the then leaders must have strongly discouraged mediamen from giving publicity to Dutt. He was not praised much in media till he died, because if he had been praised, then a question that “what are you doing for him now” would have come up. In general, poets etc prefer to praise dead heroes than living ones because praising living ones can cut influence and create questions.

Comparing martyrs and deciding which martyr is above whom or below whom is not pleasant and also inaccurate. But in some ways, I consider Dutt as above Bhagat Singh. Dutt passed some very difficult tests in lives which Bhagat Singh never had to face. In 1950s, if Dutt had touched feet of Nehru and joined Congress, Congress would have at least made him an MLA and capitalized on his image to gain votes across India. Congressmen must have asked Dutt to join Congress and offered him money as well as seat in 1950s. But Dutt did not sell out in 1950s or even in 1960s. It is difficult for a 35 years old man not to sell out than a 25 year old man. And far more difficult for a 55 year old man not to sell out than a 45 year old man. We all would very much say that Bhagatji too would have never sold out. But Bhagatji was lucky enough that he never had to give the test of not selling out at age of 50 despite poverty. Dutt gave this test and passed.

I first read about Dutt’s sad life in 1988 in a library. After a long thought, with no anger in mind I said “Kisi bhi desh mein sabase badaa bevakoof  oos desh kaa deshbhat hota hai” (the biggest fool in a country is the patriot). Such remark was very unusual of me, because in my entire school life or college life, I never uttered a single bad word. And using word bevkoof for freedom fighter like Dutt was more than using just bad word. (later, after reading more on Dutt’s life, I changed it “second biggest fool”. To know who is the first, pls read gather more information about Dutt).

I would urge the reader to collect articles/books on Dutt.

Now why am I citing the life of Batukeshwar Dutt?

As much as I want 500 + 5000 + 50000 people to contest elections on RTR issue at National, State and Local levels, I want to pre-inform them of what may happen. RTR-PM, RTR Police Chief, RTR Supreme Court judges, RTR High Court judges are not just any political views  --- within minutes you become enemy of almost all in power and most of their relatives and most intellectuals who depend financially on them. RTR is not Lokpal, where bigger thieves (namely MNCs) get leverage over smaller thieves. RTR is not a time pass like Communism where nothing will happen till revolution comes. RTR movement’s format leaves no room for negotiations after election because the drafts are ready and can be put in Gazette within hours. The act of putting RTI2 n Gazette will lead to chain of events, that within months drafts such as “Narco test in public of Ministers, senior officers, judges by majority vote” and “Imprisonment/execution of Ministers, senior officers, judges by majority vote” will also come Gazette, along with Right to Recall PM, RTR judges etc. These drafts are nightmare to all MNCs, all corrupt, most elitemen and every intellectual who depends on them.

So if you openly praise and demand RTR-drafts, sooner or later, you and other activists will ask intellectuals to give their opinions on drafts. If they support the drafts, they become enemy of elitemen and if they oppose the draft, then activists will be able to see thru that they are agents of elitemen. Because of this, they will hate you and may try all their best to damage you.

So if you wish to contest election on Right to Recall, MRCM, Jury etc , then at least be prepared to have a life like Dutt. Please spend a few days in deciding whether you can live such life. And if you think you have stomach to face a such life, then only contest election on RTR-issue. Otherwise, contesting election on RTR-issue should be avoided.

List-3 activities


step-3.1 : Read biography of Batukeshwar Dutt



step-3.2 : Get 1000s of pamphlets printed on RTR and distribute them  door to door and/or bustands.



step-3.2 : Give advertisements in newspapers



step-3.3 : Translate RRG documents in your local languages



step-3.4 : Write articles on administrative systems in India/World , past/resent.



step-3.5 : Prepare drafts to reduce problems of India.



step-3.6 : Contest election on RTR-issue, MRCM-issue, RTI2 issue etc.



step-3.6 : Start your own Right to Recall Party



13.         Proposed election campaign methods

Why I propose that maximal number of recallists should contest election? Because contesting election is fastest way to take the information on RTR-drafts to all political activists and citizens. If goal is to sell umbrella, then best time is rainy season. And same way, if goal is to ensure that maximal number of citizens, it would be inefficient not to contest elections.

Say you give 10000 pamphlets on RTR to citizens on a non-election day. Then perhaps 500 would read that pamphlet. But if it is election time, the atmosphere is so politically charged up, that out of 10000, over 3000 to 5000 would read any material that comes from a candidate. So best way to take information on RTR to citizens to become election candidate and then give newspaper advertisements and distribute pamphlets.

Suggested campaign methods for candidates

Following are the election related methods I followed, and I would suggest same to all RTR candidates. And as always, candidates may make changes :

1.        Pls do not contest with desire or aim to win. To win elections, one needs at least 25% votes and to reach that level in constituency, a party needs either sectarian regional ideology or national level appeal which is fetching at least 5% votes nationwide. If RRG gets 5% votes at National level, RTR laws would come and much of electioneering would change.

2.        Pls be prepared to face numerous harassments starting from income tax inquiry to extreme contempt from many around you.

3.        Pls give a newspaper advertisement (expense will be in several lakhs)

4.        Pls distribute pamphlets yourself as far as possible

5.        If possible, have a registered magazine so that you may distribute pamphlets by post

6.        Pls hold as many meetings as possible before election is announced. Because after election announcement, things will get hectic and it will become difficult to organize meetings etc.

7.        For first few months, please take activists who are willing to join you to distribute pamphlets.  But later you must ask them to download the PDF mirror from your website directly and get them printed at offset and distributed. This step is necessary so that activists themselves too get training to become candidate. And it reduces your burden of administering pamphlet printing and distribution. In a later section, I have shown that N activists printing pamphlets by himself is cheaper than one leader administering N activists in pamphlet distribution.

8.        Please do not give any hourly or daily compensation to activists. May be India is not going to die, and may be if India is going to die, RTR cant save it. But if RTR is solution, then by contesting election, you have done a major service to nation, and need not give any compensation to those who are helping India.

9.        You should post several PDFs on your website – postcard to voter, inland letter to voter and pamphlets and their mirrors. This is necessary so that activists can download these PDFs


Suggested campaign methods for activists assisting candidates

If you do believe that RTR information should go to maximal number of citizens, then pls campaign for a candidate who has worked hard to spread information on RTR. Why? Well, more the votes, more people will come to know about RTR and more activists will be promoted to contest election on RTR platform and information will spread father. The election time is the time when largest number of citizens are most interested in gathering information on political topics. So if you spread information on RTR during election time, that is most efficient way.

Following are the steps I propose you can follow :

1.        Pls look at the list of all candidates, and decide which one has done most to spread information on RTR-draft, RTI2-draft, MRCM-draft etc. IMO, you should support that candidate, not necessarily the official RRG candidate.

2.        If you think that candidate is contesting election not for spreading RTR information, but for his personal gains, please do not campaign for the candidate. If all candidates in your area are selfish, then please campaign for a candidate in a different area. If all candidates in your or near by areas are selfish and not committed to RTR, then pick a far area and communicate to its voters via post/internet

3.        Above all, you must be very convinced that .you are giving time and money to spread RTR information, and NOT to give any personal gains to the candidate. If you have faintest doubt that candidate is contesting election

4.        Pls download or otherwise obtain the voter-list of the area in which you want to work.

5.        I request activists to directly download the election PDFs from the website of candidates and distribute it yourself in your area and near by area. Pls reduce the time burden as well as financial burden of candidate by not asking for pamphlets.

14.     Should activists print/distribute pamphlets themselves or should leader administer it?

The most important and expensive part in election campaign in newspaper advertisement. IMO, entire cost should be borne by the candidate alone.

The second most important part in election campaign in pamphlet printing distribution. And IMO, this cost should be borne by activists assisting the candidate only, as far as possible.

The candidate may rightly think --- why would activists bear the costs?

When candidate is printing pamphlets, and giving it to activist, there is no guarantee that activist will deliver them to voters. The activist has nothing to lose if all pamphlets just rot away. Further, the task of sending pamphlets from candidate’s premises to activists itself can be time consuming and expensive. Instead if activist gets pamphlets printed, then the wastages will be minimal, and there is low cost of delivery.

            Will the activists print pamphlets will their own money?

Consider a 1 page pamphlet. Cost of printing 4000 such pamphlets will be about Rs 1000. And consider an 8 page pamphlet. Cost of printing 1000 copies will be Rs 1200. It can be less, if newsprint quality paper is chosen. So question is : will activist spend so much money in campaign? If not, then perhaps it is impossible to save the nation --- so be it. If India doesn’t have 200,000 activists willing to print and distribute pamphlets at their time and money, IMO, it is not not possible to save India no matter how hard election candidates try. There is a limit one should do all by himself, and rest must be left to others.

15.     Overall expense and time estimate

The entire RTR-movement has two broad parts :- developing the Gazette Notification drafts which can reduce the problems of India and campaign to force to Ministers etc to print those draft in the Gazette. One way most parties proposes to activists is “convince citizens to vote for our men into Parliament and our MPs will print necessary GNs to reduce problems”. I propose different way to the activists – “lets ask citizens to force existing PM/CMs to print RTI2-draft in Gazette, and then bring more GNs to bring the necessary changes in the Govt.”.

To generate the mass movement for RTI2, the activists who want mass movement on RTI2 need to inform citizens about what is Gazette Notification, what are proposed GN drafts such as RTI2, RTR-PM, RTR-SCCj, RTR-Lokpal, RTR, MRCM drafts, and also about the fact that Indian Military may weaken without these RTR drafts. Informing citizens is enough – IMO we do NOT need drama.

The activists will need to give time to spread the information, and will also need to spend money. Then how is my plan different from other parties’ plan? Most parties ask for donation collection, where as here activists need to spend money on their own or in small group, and money is spent only in pamphlet distribution and newspaper ads. The time needed to explain the drafts will be about 30 minutes per citizens and cost of newspaper-ad pamphlet will be about Rs 20 per citizen. So total hours RTR movement needs to take the information to 10 cr citizens is (10 cr * 30 min) = 300 cr minutes = 5 cr hours = 500 lakh hours. One way to obtain so many hours is :





Hours per volunteer per week

Hours per volunteer per year


(in lakhs)





20 lakhs





50 lakhs





250 lakhs





300 lakhs

TOTAL , in 1 yr




620 lakhs


So with about 200,000 volunteers spending 4 hrs a week and some volunteers spending more time, it is possible to spread the information on RTR-drafts to 10 cr citizens of India,

The cost newspaper ads and pamphlets in the campaign is Rs 20 per citizen, and so to take this information to 10 cr citizens, it would cost Rs 200 cr worth newspaper ads and pamphlets. And one way to make available is as follows





Rupees per Volunteer per year


(in cr)




20 cr




30 cr




60 cr




90 cr

TOTAL , in 1 yr



200 cr


The difficult part is --- IMO, the RTR-campaign needs about 500 people who can spend both, 30 hours a week and Rs 400,000 a year, and people who can spend 20 hours a week and Rs 60000 per year. Having persons who spend only money but no time to understand and spread information about the drafts will not help.

IMO, the campaign needs 500 independent heads, about one per each Loksabha constituency, who are thorough with existing/past laws of India/West and proposed drafts to reduce problems of India. They must be willing to spend time to grasp these information points, and willing to spend time to answer questions of citizens and activists. And should be also willing to contest (and lose) Loksabha election. This also means willingness to face harassments. If they are willing to spend only money and no time, the information will not each citizens and it will be difficult to raise mass movement.

16.     Summary

The hard part in RTR movement – even when RTR-drafts get printed in Gazette, the activists who have spent time and money will get no more than what an average citizen will gain. No fame, no power, no glory and not even recognition. It is a 100% give-away. And it becomes clear from day-1 to every activist, that gains are zero. Unlike other ideologies and parties, RTR-method gives no wrong illusions. So only utterly 100% selfless person will spend time/money in spreading information on RTR-drafts. This may make the movement slow.